Quicklime has many uses. Precautions for Quicklime

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Quicklime is believed to be familiar to everyone. It is often used in construction sites and is also an important raw material for many industries. The main component of quicklime is Cao, which is generally massive, pure white, and light gray or light yellow when containing impurities. Quicklime absorbs moisture or adds water to become hydrated lime

quicklime is a common desiccant used to remove water vapor by chemical absorption method. It is also used in steel, pesticides, medicine, desiccant, tanning and alcohol dehydration. It is especially suitable for puffed food, mushrooms, agaric and other local specialties, as well as products in instrumentation, medicine, clothing, electronic telecommunications, leather, textile and other industries. Next, the editor will introduce the main uses and precautions of quicklime

[what is the use of quicklime]

1 It can be used as a filler, for example, as a filler for epoxy adhesives

2. It is used as analytical reagent, absorbent of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide in gas analysis, spectral analysis reagent, high-purity reagent, epitaxy and diffusion process in semiconductor production, drying of ammonia in laboratory and dehydration of alcohol, etc

3. As a raw material, it can be used to produce calcium carbide, soda ash, bleaching powder, etc. it is also used in tanning, wastewater purification, calcium hydroxide and various calcium compounds

4. It can be used as building materials, metallurgical flux, cement accelerator, flux of phosphor

5. Used as vegetable oil decolorizer, drug carrier, soil conditioner and calcium fertilizer

6. It can also be used for refractories and desiccants

7. It can be used to prepare agricultural machinery No. 1 and No. 2 adhesives and underwater epoxy adhesives, and also as a reagent for pre reaction with 2402 resin

8. Used for acid wastewater treatment and sludge conditioning

9. It can also be used as a protective agent for boiler shutdown. By using the moisture absorption capacity of lime, the metal surface of the boiler water vapor system can be kept dry to prevent corrosion. It is suitable for the long-term shutdown protection of low-pressure, medium pressure and small capacity drum boilers

[precautions for Quicklime]

1. The shorter the operation time, the better. Place it in a proper place in the packaging container to seal and absorb moisture

2. Store in a dry warehouse, moisture-proof, and avoid contact with acids

3. Avoid moisture during transportation and handle with care to prevent damage to the package and affect the product quality

4. It is forbidden to eat. In case of entrance, rinse with water and seek medical advice immediately. (remember not to drink water, quicklime is an alkaline oxide, which will corrode in case of water!)

conclusion: the above editor introduces the use and precautions of quicklime, hoping to help you. If you need more knowledge, please continue to pay attention to the information platform




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