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A week's market analysis of Guangzhou plastic raw material Market (7.16

plastic raw materials: on the whole, the market demand is still in an exceptionally weak situation, and the oversupply of most products has not changed. However, there are signs of improvement in polyethylene supply and demand, and the market quotation has also shown a certain rise this week.

high-pressure polyethylene, a high-performance material with an eye to future traffic: the market situation is quite delicate. On the one hand, under the influence of production and maintenance of some domestic enterprises, domestic supply and demand With the improvement of the relationship, the main domestic production enterprises have increased the ex factory price of high-pressure polyethylene to varying degrees; But on the other hand, the weak trend of market demand in Guangzhou has not been significantly changed. The operators are still very cautious about entering the market, and the price increase of high-pressure polyethylene is not smooth. At present, it is reported that the quotation of Beiyan products (1i2a, 1f7f, 1c7a) is generally between 7500-7600 yuan/ton, but the actual transaction price cannot reach this level. Generally, the transaction price is about 7300 yuan/ton, and the high price is 7400 yuan/ton. The price of ordinary materials is 7100-7200 yuan/ton

can there be a big recovery in the future market of high-pressure polyethylene? I think it is unlikely

first of all, the oil price in the international market has dropped to $25-26/ton. According to the current signs, the oil price may fall further

secondly, the sluggish production of product enterprises will continue. In previous years, the peak season usually began after September. This year, the demand may not rebound significantly until the middle and late September or even October

moreover, as the economic downturn of TPE material in the United States is becoming more and more obvious, it will affect the recovery of high-pressure polyethylene market in the international market

the author believes that after August, the price of high-pressure polyethylene may fluctuate between 7000-7400 yuan/ton

low pressure polyethylene: with the rising price of high pressure polyethylene, the market of low pressure polyethylene also shows a trend of leaping and surging. At present, the price of 5000S in Guangzhou market has risen to 7100 yuan/ton, and some have offered a high price of 7200 yuan/ton. The final transaction price is said to be more than 7000 yuan/ton. The transaction price of imported products is slightly lower, about 6900 yuan/ton

however, the industry concerned reported that despite the rise in the price of low-pressure polyethylene, there was no obvious recovery in demand, and sales were still very difficult. Some even thought that the current rise in the price was only the wishful thinking of the supplier, which was difficult for users to accept

according to the international market, the quotation of foreign investors is relatively stable, generally at the level of about $600/ton. However, the trend of oil price decline in the international market is becoming more and more obvious, which is undoubtedly not conducive to the rise of low-pressure polyethylene price. Some experts believe that unless import goods can be strictly controlled in the next few months, the situation of low-pressure polyethylene is not optimistic

abs: This is one of the most troublesome varieties for operators. This week, the price of imported 757 in Guangzhou market has dropped to 9400 yuan/ton, while the price of domestic 301 and 750 is generally around 8800 yuan/ton. At present, the ABS market is highlighted in the following aspects: first, the demand is weak, and it is becoming more and more obvious. Many dealers say that users buy goods very differently from the past. Now they buy goods of ten tons and eight tons, and in the past they buy goods of tens of tons and hundreds of tons. This shows that the demand is insufficient, which is mainly subject to the recession of the production of the electronics industry this year; Second, there are abundant resources. Pay attention to turning off the main motor source. There are many domestic and imported products, and the inventory is relatively large. In particular, Guangdong is greatly impacted by imported products. Many users tend to choose imported products with low prices; Third, the quotation in the international market is low. At present, the price in Hong Kong is only about 780 US dollars/ton, and the price is weak

according to the relevant industry, July and August are often the most bland months in the market every year, but this year the situation is more prominent. Therefore, we may have to face a weak situation after August

pvc: the market is falling steadily. The current market price has fallen to the low level of 5000 yuan/ton. However, some operators believe that the price may still fall because there are too many imported products, which has a great impact on the market

from the situation since this year, the fluctuation of PVC market basically depends on the changes of international market, and the impact of imports is an important reason for the long-term decline of Guangdong market. Earlier, due to the influx of a large number of imported products and the low price of imported products, especially the quotation of Russian products is only 460-470 US dollars/ton, it is reported that the actual import level is even lower

however, there is not much difference between the current market price in Guangzhou and the actual cost price of imported goods, that is to say, it is unlikely that the price will fall further. On the other hand, with the decline of prices, there is not much profit margin for imports. Unless the international market prices fall again, the volume of imported goods will decrease in the later period, which is conducive to the moderate recovery in the future market. Therefore, the current PVC may be a good opportunity to enter the market

polystyrene: the market price fell further this week. The price of general-purpose materials has fallen to about 6100 yuan/ton. Compared with the highest level last year, this price has decreased by about 40%, and compared with the highest level this year, it has also decreased by about 22%. It can be seen that the current price of polystyrene has dropped to a very low level

the repeated decline in the price of polystyrene is mainly affected by the downturn in the international market. At present, the price of polystyrene general materials reported by foreign investors to Shantou, Guangdong is 520 US dollars/ton, and the actual cost price of imported polystyrene at this price level is significantly lower than the market price in Guangzhou; In addition, since the beginning of this year, the trading atmosphere in the polystyrene market in Guangdong has been in a flat state, and the enthusiasm of end users to enter the market is not high. Even some large investors in the past have generally adopted the consumption mode of "how much to buy". There are not many large-scale trading methods, and the situation has become more bleak since June and July. In order to ship in time, many importers have to constantly reduce their prices to attract users. At the same time, new changes have taken place in the development pattern of domestic production and domestic new materials: internationally, production enterprises can only continuously transfer out factory prices to maintain certain competitiveness, which has led to the repeated decline of polystyrene market prices

judging from the current situation, it is unlikely that the price of polystyrene in Guangdong will recover in August, especially when the price of styrene, the upstream product, has fallen again and again and there are abundant resources, there is less chance for the price of polystyrene to recover

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