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One week's market dynamics of Shengze Jiaxing nylon silk (06..19)

in the recent week, the CPL market has risen slightly. For example, the market quotation of CPL price has reached 26200 yuan/t, and the self raised price of nylon 6 sliced filament (conventional spinning) market is about 28000 yuan/t. In addition, the trading price of the two cities' nylon silk has also shown a steady upward trend this week, but the trading volume of Shengze Jiaxing's nylon silk has maintained a stable trend

according to the trend of varieties in the two cities, the shipment volume of 40d/12f and 70d/24f nylon-6fdy, the mainstream in the market, increased slightly in the second half of the week, with prices of 34500 yuan/t and 31900 yuan/t respectively (domestic). In addition, the sales volume of nylon FDY full dull silk 40d and 70D rose slightly. 100D nylon-6fdy has been selling more recently. The reason is that it is mainly used in the bag fabric series produced by water jet looms. 160D nylon air textured yarn is also popular in the market. Generally, the transaction price is about yuan/t. It mainly interweaves with 70d/24f nylon-6fdy to produce Taslon series fabrics. Fengge Taslon has become a beautiful scenery in the recent market. It is understood that the market competitiveness of the product has been further improved. The warp of the product is made of full dull 70D nylon yarn, and the weft is made of full dull 160D nylon air variable yarn. According to the specification of 173*76, the product is woven on a water jet loom with lattice structure, and has been pre shrunk, shaped and dyed. Cloth surface the cloth surface produces strip and lattice effect, and the lattice type is novel. Its cloth width is 150cm, and the current market transaction price per meter is about 10.80 yuan. The new building volume of this product is more than 2billion square meters every year. It has won the favor of the majority of consumers because of its excellent quality, soft feel, beautiful appearance, good style and other advantages. This cloth is the first choice for men's and women's casual wear, children's wear, jackets, luggage fabrics. It is not only intoxicating, but also fashionable. At present, there are an endless stream of customers. Not only do garment manufacturers in large and medium-sized cities in China demand goods one after another, but also many foreign trade companies place orders one after another, and the ready-made clothes are exported to overseas markets. The downstream demand for 30d/1f semi gloss nylon monofilament (high-grade product) has increased slightly. The reason is that the fabrics of "headscarf yarn and wedding dress" are all made by water jet weaving. With the concept of green energy saving, nylon FD has become more and more popular. Although y Youguang silk is generally sold, it is known from the downstream weaving that its glittering brocade cotton interwoven with human cotton yarn has become one of the highlights of the current fabric

from the downstream market situation, although the upstream raw materials are fluctuating upward, the trend of nylon woven fabrics is calm, and the manufacturers of nylon woven fabrics always follow the principle of "setting materials according to production" when feeding. It is expected that the nylon silk market will run smoothly next week, and the price trend of marketable varieties may have the opportunity to fluctuate upward, but the space is limited

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