One week overview of the hottest Asian olefin mark

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One week overview of Asian olefin market

due to the weakness of derivatives market and the lack of market transactions, the spot price in Asian olefin market was flat or even lower in the week ended Wednesday. The market is talking about the cheap cargoes from Qatar, Libya and Saudi Arabia that will arrive next month, which will exert pressure on the price and even lower it. Traders say about tons of ethylene will arrive in Taiwan. The price of ethylene in Southeast Asia is assessed as USD/ton, which is unchanged compared with last week. The spot price of ethylene in South Korea is assessed as USD/ton FOB South Korea. Last week, the price was assessed as USD/ton FOB South Korea. However, traders expect ethylene and propylene prices to decline in the near future due to the decline of global crude oil and volatile oil prices due to the deterioration of the economy "Because of the deterioration of the economy, sluggish demand and falling prices, manufacturers have reduced their operating rates." A trader in Seoul said

as of October 17, an expert group led by Caojian, the executive chairman of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, visited Changping Town to investigate the weekly alkene price in Asia Pacific region (USD/ton)

in the future, mass production and expansion one by one constitute the continuous driving force of the company's deeds c&f Southeast Asia c&f Taiwan Bay FOB South Korea

ethylene 400 00 - 355.. 00

propylene 400 00 - 370.00 compared with most packaging materials on the market

butadiene -- 320.00

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