One week analysis and forecast of PE price market

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One week analysis and forecast of Yanshan PE price market

this week (August 17-21), the international crude oil price fluctuated due to the impact of factors such as oversupply and the unexpected increase of us oil inventory. The overall development trend of WTI crude oil futures price explosion instrumentation products was "6 high and 1 long" and "210" fell by more than 4.3% It fell to the lowest level in more than six years. The price of domestic PE market fluctuated and weakened. At the beginning of the week, the opening price of linear futures fell sharply and continued to be weak. The pessimistic mentality of the operators increased and they offered to make profits with them. The linear price drop is the most obvious. The price has dropped from the highest 10250 yuan/ton this week to 10150 yuan/ton. The electronic universal testing machine is now more and more used in industry, with a drop of about 100 yuan/ton

the maintenance of petrochemical units was relatively reduced this week. Six sets of fixtures of the equipment can completely stop seven different experiments. The petrochemical units involved in maintenance include Lanzhou, Shanghai, Maoming, Fujian, Qilu and Shenyang. In addition, this week, petrochemical enterprises successively reduced prices, futures were weak and volatile, which suppressed the market trading. 10. The industrial chain, downstream demand was weak, and the intention to cover positions was not high. Petrochemical inventory increased slightly this week

the price of raw materials fell back after rising, and the downstream mentality returned to cautious and prudent procurement. Some manufacturers have reserved raw materials in the early stage, but their intention to reserve raw materials in the later stage is low. With the approaching demand for agricultural film in the later stage, it is expected that the inventory days of manufacturers will continue to be extended

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