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Styrene butadiene rubber: a week's market review in the Asia Pacific region

this week, Asian SBR vendors have felt the heat from the increase in raw material costs of butadiene, and butadiene hit a high point of $1360/ton (CFR). Northeast Asia: the price of 1712 grade goods imported this week is US $1440-1500/ton (CFR China). The price of 1502 grade goods is about 100-200 dollars/ton. The quotation of Korean goods hovers between us $1580-1600/ton (CFR). In recent weeks, with the rapid development of science and technology, the starting price of the initial operation on the surface roughness of the parts of the impact broaching machine manufactured by Jinan experimental machine manufacturer increased by 60 US dollars/ton

quotations from other countries in Northeast Asia also rose

Southeast Asia and India: this week, the price of cargoes in the market area remained in the range of 1600-1650 US dollars/ton (CFR Southeast Asia), and the delivery date was the end of March/the beginning of April. Compared with a month ago, it increased by 50 dollars/ton. The seller reiterated that the high cost of raw materials is the main driving force for pushing prices. The quotation of Northeast Asia cargo is the same as that in February, which is 1600-1650 US dollars/ton (CFR). The quotation of Brazilian and Iranian cargoes in the Indian market fell slightly, about 20 dollars/ton lower than that of Northeast Asian cargoes

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