The world's largest solar rooftop power station in

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Nanjing: full 8. Report generation: the largest "solar rooftop power station" that can generate reports in various formats is about to be completed. On April 30, 2011, the brand popularity of the sun in Nanjing South Railway Station was further expanded. The paving work of solar panels, an important component in the solar rooftop, was stepped up. After the paving work, the most commonly used hardness test system in the power generation system will be installed and debugged, In June, it was completed and put into use simultaneously with the south station. After completion, the solar roof of Nanjing South Station will become the largest building integrated solar power generation system in the world, and its solar power generation roof can generate electricity for 2. 5% in 25 years Narrowing the divergence gap by 2.8 billion degrees is equivalent to saving more than 85000 tons of raw coal

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