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One week market review of Yuyao plastic city (2)

the overall market of high density polyethylene (HDPE) shows signs of strength, but the development among varieties is not balanced. The price of wire drawing materials has risen steadily. The current market price of 5000S produced by Daqing Petrochemical and Yangzi Petrochemical is 5800~5900 yuan, up 50~100 yuan compared with that before the festival. The 5000S produced in Hunan, South Korea, and the E308 produced in petrochemicals, South Korea were 5750~5800 yuan, up 50 yuan. Note: the price of plastics decreased slightly, with a decrease of about 50 yuan. 6070 yuan produced by Dushanzi petrochemical, 5070 yuan produced by Panjin Ethylene, and 290 yuan produced by Fushun Petrochemical have become the "Carnival" in the domestic plastics industry to show the cutting-edge technology and industrial development direction. 8 the market price is 5700~5800 yuan. The prices of film and blow molding hollow materials fluctuate slightly. The market price of tr144 produced by Jinfei Petrochemical is 5950 yuan, that of 6098 produced by Qilu Petrochemical is 6400 yuan, that of 7000F produced by Yangzi Petrochemical is 6000 yuan, that of F600 produced by petrochemicals in Korea is 6000 yuan, that of 5502 produced by Jinfei petrochemical and Korea forest products is 6100 yuan, that of b303 produced by petrochemicals in Korea and that of 0400 produced by LG in Korea is 6000~6200 yuan

from the sales situation, the sales momentum of wire drawing materials is obviously better than that of other varieties, because the wire drawing materials have a wide range of applications and a large demand. Note: the trading situation of the plastic market is not as good as that before the festival. Although the market demand for film and blow molding hollow materials has not been significantly enlarged, it is relatively stable. Since the normal operation of the market after the festival is only 3-4 days, the actual situation of market transactions is not clear. However, the operators are optimistic about the high-density polyethylene market, because the market demand for high-density polyethylene is about to enter the peak season, and the final demand will be further amplified and there are signs of activity. Therefore, they are optimistic about the future trend of high-density polyethylene

the market situation of polypropylene (PP) is relatively stable, with little change before and after the festival, and the price basically remains at the level before the festival. The market price of homopolymer grade flat wire material is 5450~5700 yuan, homopolymer grade film material is 6300~6400 yuan, and copolymer grade injection plastic is 5750~6300 yuan

from the first trading week after the festival, the polypropylene trading volume was limited and the trading was relatively flat. However, according to the traditional law, after March is the peak consumption season for polypropylene. First, downstream product manufacturers will start work one after another, and the effective demand will be significantly enlarged. Second, the petrochemical production enterprises have a small inventory, and the supply and demand are basically balanced. Therefore, the industry has confidence in the future market of polypropylene

gratifying changes took place in the PVC market, which was unexpected by the industry. On the second trading day after the festival, the price soared. The price of general powder has risen by 200~300 yuan, and the current market quotation has risen to 5800 yuan. According to the sellers, the highest transaction price is more than 5450 yuan, and the sales trend is very good. Hundreds of tons were sold in one day, and the inventory has been sold out, changing the fatigue before the holiday. It is said that the ex factory price of chlor alkali in Shanghai has been raised to 5500 yuan, and there is no goods available

due to the late start of other domestic plastic raw material markets after the festival, the market situation of PVC is not clear, which may promote the price rise and sales of PVC in Yuyao China plastic city from the international market. It is reported that Formosa Plastics sold more than 100000 metric tons of PVC in a single month this month, and had the opportunity to refresh the record high of 110000 metric tons. Formosa Plastics expects that the plasticizing boom in the first quarter of this year will recover significantly compared with the fourth quarter of last year and the timely reinforcement. Formosa Plastics has raised the export quotation of PVC to $540 per ton. From this point of view, the future price of PVC may rise to more than 6000 yuan

the polystyrene (PS) market fluctuates in a narrow range. The mainstream prices in the market this week: the 666d produced by general purpose (GPPS) Yanshan Petrochemical is 5700 yuan, the 7535a produced by Qilu Petrochemical is 5600 yuan, Panjin 525, Zhanjiang new Zhongmei 525 and 535 are 5500 yuan, Shantou ocean sg-23 is 5600 yuan, Daqing Petrochemical 206 is 5450 yuan, Yangzi BASF 158k is 5700 yuan, Zhenjiang Qimei pg33 is 6000 yuan, and Chevron 3100 is 5500 yuan. High impact resistance (HIPS) Panjin 825 is 5800 yuan, Fushun 825 is 6050 yuan, Chevron 6025 is 5800 yuan, Zhanjiang xinzhongmei 990 is 6000 yuan, Shantou ocean sg-65 is 5800 yuan, Yangzi BASF 476l and 466f are 6000 yuan, and Zhenjiang Qimei ph88h is 6200 yuan

in the polystyrene market after the festival, although the market is relatively stable, the market transaction is still weak, mainly because the downstream market has not really started and the effective demand is limited. However, the current market resources and supply-demand relationship are relatively balanced. Therefore, it is estimated that the future market of polystyrene will be in a large stable and small dynamic trend

the market situation of ABS resin is not ideal, and the price decreases slightly, while the price of mechanical properties such as tensile strength of domestic materials is relatively stable. 9715a produced by Jihua is 7350 yuan, 750 yuan by Daqing Petrochemical, 7200 yuan by Panjin Ethylene 510, 7500 yuan by Jinhu of Korea, 7450 yuan by gp22 produced by BASF of Germany, 7700 yuan by Toray of Japan, and 8400 yuan by 757 produced by Qimei of Taiwan, China

from the foreign investors' quotation for China plastic city of USD 700~720/t (CIF Ningbo, China), the price is basically flat. Due to insufficient demand in the domestic market, it is difficult for the ABS resin market to turn around in the short term. Once the price of styrene monomer rises, it may drive the ABS resin price stronger. Six sets of fixtures of the equipment can completely stop seven different experiments

there is no major change in the market of engineering plastics after the festival. The prices of the five categories of general engineering plastics and special engineering plastics basically maintain the level before the festival. With the increasing demand for engineering plastics in the market, the engineering plastics market will be optimistic. (end)

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