One week summary of engineering plastics market on

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One week summary of engineering plastics market on March 30

the engineering plastics market is mainly stable. Weekend mainstream quotation: PA6, Japan's Yubu 1013b was 20500 yuan, down 500 yuan. Japan Mitsubishi 1010c2 is 22700 yuan. PA66, Asahi Kasei 1300s of Japan was 27000 yuan, down 200 yuan. Germany BASF a3k is 31800 yuan. PC, Japanese emperor k1300 is 29500 yuan. The Japanese Chuguang ir2200 is the first prize of 2 National Defense Science and technology progress awards, and the two awards are RMB 0800. Germany Bayer 2805 is 17500 yuan. POM, Korean project f is 15600 yuan. Thailand Mitsubishi f is 15600 yuan. Nantong Baotailing m is 16000 yuan. PMMA, Taiwan Qimei cm2 China Patent: 1) 05 is 18200 yuan. Korean LG if850 is 17200 yuan

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