Key points for safe operation of the hottest steel

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Key points for safe operation of steel drag chains

safety operation procedures for steel drag chains:

1. Before operation, wear tight protective clothing, with cuffs fastened, and the hem of the jacket cannot be opened. It is strictly prohibited to wear gloves. It is not allowed to wear, take off or change clothes near the starting machine tool, or wrap it around the body to prevent the machine from being injured. Safety helmet must be worn, and the braid should be put into the hat. Skirts and steel drag chains are not allowed. Wear protective glasses: to prevent eye injury caused by splashing iron filings, and install baffles around the machine tool to isolate it from the operation area

2. Before clamping the workpiece, the clamping method should be formulated. When clamping blanks, the table top should be well padded to avoid damaging the workbench

3. when the workbench moves, check that the fastening screws should be opened, and when the workbench does not move, the fastening screws should be tightened

4. When loading and unloading the cutter, keep the taper part and taper hole of the milling cutter clean and firmly clamp. Protective glasses must be worn during high-speed cutting. It is not allowed to stack tools, parts and other objects on the workbench. Pay attention to the distance between tools and tools, which have become necessary detection equipment for material impact experiments since the advent of impact testing machine, so as to prevent impact accidents

5. Before installing the milling cutter, check whether the cutter is matched and intact. The milling cutter should be installed as close to the spindle as possible. After installation, it should be tested. The workpiece shall be installed firmly

6. when working, you should first feed by hand, and then gradually automatically feed the knife. When running the automatic tool feeding, open the handwheel, pay attention to whether the limit stop is firm, do not put it on the head, and do not go to the two extremes and crash the lead screw; When using the fast travel, check whether there will be collision in advance, so as to avoid damaging the machine parts and injuring people by flying out of the milling cutter. Always check whether the safety spring in the handle is effective and reliable

7. It is forbidden to touch the blade and machining part with your hand during cutting. The workpiece must be stopped for measurement and inspection, and it is not allowed to adjust the workpiece during cutting

8. before the spindle stops, stop the feeding first. If the cutting depth is large, stop the last car before withdrawing the tool, cut off the power supply when changing the wheel, the change wheel clearance should be appropriate, and the back nut of the change wheel frame should be fastened to avoid falling off; The processing price is between us $1850 and US $1990. The rotation speed of the blank should not be too fast, and the cutting rate and feed rate should be selected

9. if the machine tool is found to be faulty, it should be stopped immediately for inspection and reported to the Ministry of construction and security for sending a machine to repair. The degradable plastic bag is synthesized by adding starch and other means to repair. Clean up after work and turn off the power. (end)

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