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Key points for inspection and control of pile machine construction safety management technology

foundation and foundation construction machinery (hereinafter referred to as pile machine) is stored in the open air due to its large and heavy body and complex assembly; At the same time, the natural conditions of the foundation construction site are poor, and the working environment of the pile machine equipment is very poor. During its construction and parking, it faces various threats of wear and corrosion. In order to reduce mechanical losses, extend the service life of equipment, avoid accidents during construction, and ensure the project quality and construction period, it is necessary to do a good job in the maintenance of pile machine equipment and the technical inspection of comprehensive safety management during construction

according to the construction methods and processes of various types of pile drivers and the characteristics of foundation construction projects, the inspection of their comprehensive safety management technology mainly involves mechanical assembly, disassembly and construction manipulation. The safety management emphases of the two aspects are different and interrelated. First of all, according to the equipment manual provided by the manufacturer, the pile driver should be basically managed and maintained, strictly implement the national "Regulations on the management of safe production of construction projects", "technical regulations for the use of construction machinery safety" and other construction safety management requirements and standards, establish a pile driver safety operation management system, and allocate full-time safety management technicians; Secondly, we should focus on understanding the drawings of the proposed project, geological survey reports, underground pipeline facilities, adjacent buildings and other data, formulate a reasonable construction organization design and emergency plan, adhere to the principle of combining construction management with safety management, and actively accept the on-site monitoring and management of safety production and supervision units

I. key points for safety technical inspection of pile machine assembly

preliminarily understand the general situation of the construction site, determine the stacking position of the equipment, check whether the accessories of the equipment entering the site are complete after the pile machine enters the site, and start the assembly after doing the basic preparatory work, focusing on the following parts

1. Preparatory work before assembly

(1) carefully study and grasp the basic information on site; Construction fences and relevant warning signs are erected around the operation area

(2) reasonably determine the parking position of pile machine equipment

according to the site conditions, first of all, keep away from ponds, mud pits, high-voltage lines, weak soil layers, surrounding buildings, etc; According to the construction organization design, try to stack and park around the first pile

(3) clear the obstacles on the assembly site, level the site, and expand the supporting area of the pile driver by setting up cushion blocks or sleepers when necessary; The uniform foundation bearing capacity of the parking site of large tonnage (static pressure) pile driver shall not be less than 35kpa

    ?) Check whether the equipment accessories and auxiliary construction equipment are complete, such as counterweights, conduits, concrete mixers, mortar (mud) pumps, electric welding machines, testing instruments, etc. before construction, they should be checked according to their corresponding safety technical regulations and standards, and their placement positions should be convenient for construction management

(5) reasonably arrange the location and direction of the electrical control line, try to shorten the interval between the pile driver and the power distribution (box) cabinet, and reduce the power loss of the line. In one case, the interval between the operation point (pile position) and the power supply point should be controlled within 200m, and the starting voltage drop should not be greater than 10% of the rated voltage; Sufficient lighting points with independent laying lines must be configured for night construction

(6) non assembly staff should stay away from the equipment assembly site

2. Assembly inspection of mechanical parts

according to the characteristics of different types of pile drivers, assemble them in order according to the requirements of the manufacturer's instructions, and pay attention to the following inspection items:

(1) there are no cracks (welds) on the main stressed structural members and walking mechanisms, distortion, easy operation, serious corrosion, etc., such as the deformation of the guide groove of the drill affects the verticality of the pile body, The deformation of the guide rail of the column of the vibratory pile driver affects the sliding of the vibratory hammer, etc

(2) the connection of bolts, flanges, pin shafts and other fastening parts (fasteners) at various positions (high-strength) such as rods and hammer boxes must be reliable and tight

(3) replace aging, damaged and severely worn parts in time

(4) the steel wire rope has no broken strands, serious corrosion and wear, and the protective grease is applied evenly; Reliable protective devices such as anti unhooking safety and anti steel wire rope jumping shall be provided at the hook, pulley and other parts; Strictly implement the scrapping standard and replace the steel wire rope with different lattice in time

(5) current (pressure) meter, oil pressure meter and other control instruments are in good working condition

(6) the safety protective covers of motor, winch and other transmission parts are intact

(7) the water oil control valve and electric button switch are well sealed, start freely, and ensure that there will be no abnormal noise during the use process

3. Transmission system, oil circuit and lubrication inspection

Mongolia may also hope to obtain the invitation. The transmission system of the pile driver is composed of mechanical and hydraulic systems. After the mechanical rod assembly is completed, the transmission system and its lubrication, oil circuit work and protection conditions should be checked emphatically

(1) according to the requirements of the manufacturer's manual, replace the mechanical oil, gear oil, lubricating grease, etc. corresponding to the transmission parts and meeting the seasonal temperature requirements on time, quarterly and according to the quality

(2) the wear value of transmission components such as motor, speed change (deceleration) box, gear, winch and hydraulic pressure shall not exceed the standard and work normally

(3) the pulley, guide device and rotating shaft of the transmission parts rotate freely, and the grease is evenly coated, such as hydraulic cylinder, vibration (hammer) box and other parts

(4) check whether the oil pipe and joint clamp are damaged, loose, oil leakage, leakage, and the seals should be complete in one aspect

(5) hydraulic pumps, valves and other components are clean and firmly fixed. The hydraulic oil is strictly filtered, and its oil viscosity and cleanliness are normal

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