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Key points of hydraulic control valve design

hydraulic control valve is a valve controlled by water pressure, which is composed of a main valve and its attached conduit, pilot valve, needle valve, ball valve and pressure gauge. In the process of selecting hydraulic control valves, pay attention to the following points:

(1 the main machine should have safety protection measures) the hydraulic control valves used in the engineering type are products that have passed the inspection of the manufacturer, have complete marks and meet the requirements of technical data. (2) The hydraulic control valve selects the type of valve according to the functional requirements, and then determines the material of the valve body and sealing part according to the pipeline transmission medium, temperature, building standards and main requirements of the industry. Commonly used valve body materials include cast iron, copper iron, copper, plastic, etc. Common sealing surface and lining materials include copper alloy, plastic, steel, cemented carbide, rubber, etc. The material of valve body shall match the material of pipeline. (3) The nominal pressure of the valve has different levels of 0.6, 1.0, 1.6, 2.5 and 4.0Mpa. The working pressure of the medium transported by the pipeline should be less than the nominal pressure of the valve. (4) The setting of hydraulic control valves in the project should have enough space for management, operation, installation and maintenance, and should meet the requirements of pipelines for valves. (5) When the pipeline is connected by flange, the hydraulic control valve connected by flange shall be used; When the pipeline adopts grooved connection, the hydraulic control valve with grooved connection shall be used. (6) The hydraulic control valve should be set on the pipeline with one-way flow of medium. The working chamber volume of the climate environment test box should be at least 3 ~ 5 times the external volume of the tested product. (7) The direction of the arrow on the main valve body of the hydraulic control valve must be consistent with the flow direction of the pipeline system. (8) The pipe section connected to the hydraulic control valve shall be free of air blockage and air resistance. Automatic exhaust valve shall be set at the gas storage section such as the highest metal tightening standard position of the pipe. (9) When the valve is installed horizontally, the valve cover and valve rod should face upward. When installed vertically, the valve cover and valve rod should face outward. (10) Strength and tightness tests shall be conducted before valve installation. (11) The strength and tightness test price of the valve shall meet the following requirements. Hydraulic control valve series

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