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The key to e-paper Popularization: infrastructure and solutions

at the session B-2 "exploring the possibility of e-paper leap" of "FPD international 2006 forum", the speaker introduced the latest business development trend of e-paper. Speakers from letterpress information, Hitachi manufacturing and iRex technology in the Netherlands elaborated on their recent and future development plans at the meeting

Yabo nomaka of relief information has proposed a variety of new goods and services for the "digital information visualization application" developed by the company in the use of electronic paper. At the meeting, nozhong introduced the base plate film produced by Taiwan Luohe technology and the real RF ID products equipped with electronic paper. The products of letterpress information include RFID equipped trademarks and labels such as "touchable paper", "audible paper", "visible paper", etc. since its launch, iquid XP has been very popular in the market and can be recorded. In the future, electronic paper will be applied to these hardware, and will be practical through the company's systematic technology

fumika Suzuki of Hitachi announced the market feedback results of the electronic paper and display "albirey" that his company has put into production, and the servo electromechanical rotation is controlled by the speed regulation system. The results show that most of the feedback of the upstream docking aluminum mineral resources believes that the "legibility and brightness" of electronic paper are enough. But at the same time, it is pointed out that the popularization of e-paper system still faces problems such as "we must improve the infrastructure such as network content"

Hans brons of iRex technology introduced the e-reader "the Iliad", which has been listed in Europe. Hans pointed out that among a wide variety of digital content, "digital print media" has the largest market share. The beam remains stationary. Th e Iliad, which focuses on this market, will add a "write" function on the basis of "read", thereby opening the gap with other electronic paper

simply replacing paper can reduce the difficulty of practicality

all speakers believe that in some application ways, "if electronic paper does not compete with high legibility LCD, but for the purpose of replacing paper, the difficulty of practicality will be reduced". The application of electronic paper must focus on systematization and solutions, so as to increase content application and speed up market development

the audience raised questions about the content of the speech, such as when the market expansion will start and the possibility of eventually developing disposable paper, and the question and answer scenes continued in the venue. The warm meeting finally came to an end after a delay of 20 minutes

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