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Key points for safe operation of milling processing

1. Operators should wear tight overalls with cuffs tied tightly; Female comrades should wear protective helmets; Wear protective glasses during high-speed milling; Wear masks when milling cast iron castings; During operation, it is strictly forbidden to wear gloves to prevent hands from being rolled between the rotating tool and the workpiece

2. Before operation, check whether all parts and safety devices of the milling machine are safe and reliable; Check whether the electrical part of the equipment is safe and reliable

3. When loading and unloading the workpiece, the workbench should be retreated to a safe position. When tightening the workpiece with a wrench, the direction of force should avoid the milling cutter, so as to prevent the wrench from slipping and hitting the cutter or as long as the fixture is in the early stage of processing

4. When assembling and disassembling the milling cutter, it is necessary to pad it with a special gasket, and do not hold the milling cutter directly with your hand

5. Milling irregular workpieces the international influence of China's plastic machine industry continues to improve. When using vises, dividing heads and special fixtures to hold workpieces, the center of gravity of irregular workpieces and vises, dividing heads, special fixtures, etc. should be placed in the middle of the workbench as far as possible to avoid uneven stress on the workbench and deformation

6. During rapid or automatic feed milling, it is not allowed to move the workbench to the two extremes to avoid crushing the screw rod

7. The pollution of plastic granulator to the environment is also quite serious. When the machine tool is running, it is not allowed to adjust and measure the workpiece and change the lubrication mode, so as to prevent hands from touching the knife and hurting fingers

8. Do not brake by hand until the milling cutter rotation has completely stopped

9. Do not remove chips by hand or blow with your mouth during milling to prevent chips from damaging skin and eyes

10. Open the hand wheel clutch during motorized rapid feed to prevent injury caused by rapid rotation of the hand wheel

11. When reversing the workbench, stop the reversing handle at the middle position first, and then reverse. Direct reversing is not allowed

12. When milling keyway shafts or cutting thin workpieces, strictly prevent milling the dividing head or worktable

13. When milling a plane, a cutter head with more than four cutter heads must be used, and the appropriate cutting amount must be selected to prevent the machine tool from vibrating when the rough grinding must be stopped during milling

14. After working, stop the worktable in the middle position, and the lifting table falls to the lowest position

15. For CNC vertical milling machine, pre selection of relevant work procedures, spindle speed, tool feed, tool trajectory and continuous offside shall be carried out according to the process requirements before work. Put the electrical knob in the adjustment position for commissioning, and then put the electrical knob in the automatic or semi-automatic position for operation after confirming that there is no problem

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