On March 2, cebit2010 launched 200 stations

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On March 2, cebit2010 launched 200 Taiwanese exhibitors

figure: CeBIT in Hannover, Germany launched

on February 28, according to Taiwan media reports, CeBIT in Hannover, Germany, the world's largest computer exhibition, will open on Tuesday (March 2). New products from the world of information, communications, and software will be unveiled in a discussion on China's strategic mineral resources management and control. Taiwan's 1.4 emission purification devices: Asustek, Acer More than 200 enterprises including MSI participated in the exhibition, and Asustek was led by Chairman Shi Chongtang to attack the European market with all its strength

CeBIT Hannover will be on display for five days from Tuesday to Saturday (6th). This theme starts from the development trend of ICT, and constructs a comprehensive ICT event with business solutions, ICT infrastructure, future technology, global conference forums, etc

cebit is an ICT professional exhibition with the largest number of buyers in the world. Last year, 4300 manufacturers competed for business opportunities, attracting more than 360000 buyers from 77 countries, of which 270000 were business buyers

Taiwan has become the most important production base of personal computers in the world. The popularity of CeBIT exhibition in March every year is an important observation indicator of the economic boom of that year; Including Acer, ASUS, MSI and other major brands, they also regard participating in CeBIT as an important activity to expand the European market

however, with the rise of mainland economic forces and the advent of the new ICT era, the supply chain operation of the global information technology industry has been very mature. In recent years, the number of Chinese enterprises participating in CeBIT has grown rapidly

about 200 manufacturers from Taiwan participated in the exhibition. The senior executives of the exhibitors, including Shi Chongtang and Xu Xiang, chairman of MSI, will personally lead the team, while the elite will be attended by general manager Xu Zhihong, and Acer's Italian and German executives will also attend

in fact, as the PC market matures, CeBIT has remained the world's largest PC show for many years, but it is also facing competition from the world's largest consumer electronics show that has to use copper cables. CES electronics in Las Vegas, the United States, and IFA consumer electronics in Berlin. CeBIT is to stabilize its position as "the largest high-tech business show in the eyes of global buyers", Caitongmin, deputy general manager of Jinfa Technology Co., Ltd., which is also engaged in plastic packaging research and development this year, said: "Express includes a large number of packaging projects and many themes.

CeBIT organizers said that with the launch of Microsoft Windows 7, it has brought new excitement to the market, European countries have actively promoted the combination of vehicle information and public transport, long-distance medical care and the rising market of electronic Kanban, cloud computing, road community, etc., all the themes with the most business opportunities and potential will be exhibited in CeBIT 2010.

Hannover exhibition hall has 26 indoor For the exhibition hall, in order to improve the dynamic line of on-site visits, the theme distribution of this year's CeBIT exhibition has been planned and classified in detail a few days ago, and it is expected to provide better viewing routes for visitors

important politicians and businessmen who will attend the opening ceremony of CeBIT exhibition and the new CeBIT international conference this year include German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero, and senior executives of international enterprises such as Microsoft, Intel, sap, Dell, IBM, Google, Skype, Motorola, Alcatel, etc

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