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March 30 rubber daily review: the bad situation of the special insurance case affected Shanghai rubber to maintain weak consolidation

on March 30, Shanghai natural rubber futures maintained low consolidation. The main 1009 contract opened slightly lower, with the futures price fluctuating around 25000 yuan/ton, increasing positions and volume. 1009 contract opened at 24980 yuan/ton and closed at 24915 yuan/ton, down 120 yuan/ton from the settlement price on March 29. The trading volume was 1471900 hands and the position was 225418 hands

in the short term, domestic tire enterprises are struggling under the influence of the special insurance case, and the rising spot rubber price has damaged the profits of the industry, which is undoubtedly worse. In addition, the global requirements for the tensile testing machine for rubber crop stalks in 2010 are relatively low, and many of the standards for tensile testing machines have achieved annual growth. Therefore, with the opening and cutting of rubber in the main producing countries and the increase of supply, Shanghai rubber will be under pressure

rubber futures on the Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM on November 29) fell slightly on March 30, pressured by profit taking. The benchmark RSS3 contract opened slightly higher in September, and the futures price then fell under the pressure of profit taking. As of 14:30 p.m. Beijing time on March 30, it was reported at 310.0 yen/kg, down 2.0 yen from the closing price on March 29

the spot price of uss3 rubber in Thailand continued to break the record high on Monday (March 30). Due to the tight supply in winter and dry weather, the price rose to 105 per kilogram 75 baht, 29 104 per kilogram 65 baht, despite the decline in Asian rubber futures prices. Some factories outside the central market pay about 108 baht per kilogram. Exporters said that the company introduced the production technology of European, American and Japanese testing instruments. The uss3 price they provided was high, but it was difficult to obtain supply. Due to the limited quantity, it was expected that the tight supply situation would not be alleviated in the next two months, unless there was sufficient rainfall. The rubber sales volume in the three central markets in Thailand is estimated to be 29.8 tons, with 53.7 tons on the 29th: 14.8 tons for Hat Yai, 1 ton for Surat Thani, and 14 tons for chandee

weather conditions, natural rubber production area in Thailand, cloudy in central and northern Thailand, rainy in the South; In the natural rubber producing area of Malaysia, there is rain in the south of the Malay Peninsula and in the north of Kalimantan island; In the Tianjiao production area of Indonesia, there is rain north of the equator of Sumatra island, heavy rain south of the equator of Sumatra island, and cloudy Southern Kalimantan island; China's natural rubber production area, Hainan is cloudy, Yunnan is cloudy weather. Recently, effective rainfall occurred in northern Yunnan, alleviating the drought, but the southern region continued to suffer from severe drought, threatening rubber cutting production

in other respects, recently, the central bank announced that Zhou Qiren was appointed as a member of the monetary policy committee, Fan Gang left, and Xia Bin and Li Daokui were added as members. On the 30th, the new members of the monetary policy committee attended the meeting of the monetary policy committee in the first quarter of 2010, and their opinions will have an important impact on the formulation of policies by the State Council. Previously, both Zhou Qiren and Li Daokui suggested that interest rates should be raised as soon as possible. The government staff machine has overcome the shortcomings of the traditional power line twists and turns experimental machine, and the sound of tightening liquidity in the structure may be enhanced. Perhaps a new round of regulatory measures is brewing, which worries the market and is detrimental to commodity prices

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