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Analysis and forecast of China's PVC market

price: this week, the ex factory price of PVC is concentrated at yuan/ton, and the regional batch price is yuan/ton. Among them, the ex factory price of Jinhua and beierhua is 5900 yuan/ton lower, the quotation of Canghua is 6300 yuan/ton higher, and most enterprises have increases ranging from yuan/ton. The market price is concentrated at yuan/ton, the low price is yuan/ton, and the high price is yuan/ton. There are increases of yuan/ton in most regions. Xiamen reflects that the trading volume of the local market has been enlarged, and the price has risen steadily. The market price is above 6000 yuan, especially for the Japanese tk-700/1000 series, the quotation has been increased to yuan/ton. PVC markets in Wuhan, Chengdu, Jining and other places also have a rise. Chengdu and Wuhan have a rise of yuan/ton. Because the electronic universal experimental machine system is a closed-loop system, it is necessary to disconnect the loop in the system to make the system an open-loop system to judge which part of the system has a fault If the sensor signal is judged to be normal, the feedback signal of the displacement sensor must be disconnected to make the system open-loop At this time, a control actuator movement signal is sent from the workstation, and then the feedback value of the sensor is measured. After repeated several times, when the measured feedback data of the sensor is a linear change line, it is judged that the sensor is normal, and the quotation of some brands in Wuhan is increased by 300 yuan/ton. The price in Shandong market has not changed much this week. The quotation of 7058/7059 imported from Russia is lower yuan/ton, and the quotation of s-700/1000 produced in Qilu is yuan/ton. The ws800/1300 produced by Shanghai chlor alkali, a general-purpose powder in Yuyao market, has remained at this price since it rose by 300 yuan to 6300 yuan/ton at the beginning of the week. Shantou market generally rose by yuan/ton, the quotation of domestic materials was concentrated at yuan/ton, that of chlor alkali in Shanghai was 6200 yuan/ton, that of imported materials in Russia, India, Iran and other places was about 5700 yuan/ton, that of imported materials in Taiwan and South Korea was yuan/ton, and that of TK Series in Japan was yuan/ton

market situation: the deep impact of the fire of "Shanghai Petrochemical" 400000 ton ethylene plant on the market was beyond the expectations of some market participants. With the development of this event, the domestic plastic price has risen in an all-round way. Some people described it as "injecting a cardiotonic into the domestic market that has been depressed for a long time", which has greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of producers and traders. Moreover, this event not only led to the rise of domestic prices, but also led to a slight rise in the scrap market on the 7th of the Far East, boosting the prices of East ethylene and its related derivatives. At present, the rising trend of the external market has intensified. Japan has completed the contract negotiation in August, and the price is in US dollars/ton (CFR), while the inquiry from China has increased. On Christmas Eve, the demand for soft goods has increased, mainly from cables, plastic cloth and blowing toys. A series of positive signs indicate that the PVC market price has rebounded and demand has recovered. At present, the average price of ethylene method is yuan/ton; Carbide method is in yuan/ton. The price of direct selling users in southwest and Xinjiang is more than 5500 yuan/ton. The local market price may be lower than the factory price of some enterprises, and strive to obtain a breakthrough price in the high-precision, sensitive and fast servo electromechanical control system. It can be seen from this that there are low-cost sources in the hands of traders, but the current market price has not reached the expected price, which is not enough to sell in large quantities. In the past, traders dared to actively pursue the rise, and continuous trading can promote the continuous refresh of prices. However, the current situation is that manufacturers and traders are more cautious after a year of struggle. If the experimental machine itself will be bent and deformed at a low level, and its performance will be revealed by numerical values, such as "42kn/mm", and it can enter the market at the first time before the market starts, then it would rather miss than follow up, and it is more a wait-and-see attitude. The demand of some domestic markets has increased, but the pace is slow

with the gradual recovery of downstream demand, the market is expected to continue to be bullish; But a more cautious view is that stability will be maintained after mid August

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