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There are many decoration companies in Wuhan, including national chain decoration companies, Wuhan local decoration companies and some small companies. Different decoration companies have different acceptance prices, which are generally divided into three prices: low-cost decoration companies, medium-priced decoration companies with high cost performance and high-end decoration companies. A customer just inquired about the medium-priced decoration companies on the river bank. I compiled the following decoration companies, Let's see if there is anything you are interested in

what are the middle price decoration companies on the river bank

living home decoration

it is understood that Wuhan living home decoration company was founded in 2003. It is a modern enterprise specializing in the design and construction of interior decoration, and the supporting research and development, production and sales of overall home related products. So far, lifehome has set up branches in Beijing, Chengdu, Guiyang, Kunming, Xi'an, Wuhan, Nanchong and other cities, with more than 800 formal employees. Taking "China's leader in high-quality decoration" as the brand positioning, living home decoration focuses on "high-quality overall home furnishing" and "360 ° health and safety" as the lifeline of enterprise development, and strives to provide consumers with better quality home decoration products and services, which has been widely recognized by consumers, and has successively won the "national well-known brand enterprise in the housing decoration industry" The titles of "five-star enterprise of quality, service and integrity in the national housing decoration industry" and "leading enterprise of high-quality overall home decoration in China" have established a high influence and appeal in the industry

Shanshui home decoration

Shanshui home decoration design Co., Ltd. was established for more than ten years. In 2009, Shanshui people came to Wuhan with the elegance and integrity of Huizhou merchants. At the same time, they also brought the exquisite Huizhou architectural decoration art to Wuhan. Here, the founder of the company personally set up an experienced and powerful team. Based on the principle of design first and project-based, every landscape person is eager to make their own efforts to make the Huizhou decorative art bloom brilliant and dazzling flowers on the land of Jiangcheng

Hubei Jintai Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and has been established for 18 years. The earliest decoration company in Wuhan, specializing in the design and construction of office decoration, villa space, hotel space, shops and commercial places. It is the executive director unit of Wuhan Decoration Association, an AAAA integrity enterprise in the national decoration industry, a four-star service enterprise in the municipal decoration industry, and an integrity alliance enterprise

Fengli decoration

Wuhan Fengli Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is an enterprise using German technology, and it is also an ambassador for the dissemination of German technology. The main business scope covers all home decoration projects such as interior design, construction and service. Although this is a new home, his growth is extremely fast, and more than a thousand people have formed a professional and convenient overall home decoration service system: meticulous consulting system, high-quality German construction technology, cost-effective package products, collectivized material procurement system, strict supervision system and perfect overall home decoration service system. Fengli decoration is popular in the world with quality and wins the market with integrity. We are committed to integrating the perfect design concept and management method into the requirements of each different customer, providing customers with a full range of home decoration services, and sending green and perfect beauty to thousands of households





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