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Nanning housing provident fund management center (hereinafter referred to as “ Nanning center ”) On November 16, the notice on the withdrawal of housing provident fund from the decorated housing (hereinafter referred to as the notice) was issued. From now on, the provident fund can also be withdrawn from the decorated housing paid by employees. On August 5 this year, Nanning housing provident fund management center district direct sub center (hereinafter referred to as “ district direct center ”) The detailed rules for withdrawing the provident fund for decorated housing have been issued, which means that Nanning employees have the opportunity to withdraw the provident fund for decoration no matter which center they pay the provident fund in. Fanwenqing, chief of the regulation department of Nanning center, interpreted the contents of the notice

after 1999,

according to the conditions of application for withdrawal, depositors can apply for withdrawal of provident fund if they decorate their own houses with property rights from April 3, 1999

it has been seven years since Mr. Zhang, a citizen, renovated a commercial housing in 2008. Can he apply for withdrawal of provident fund

interpretation: the detailed rules of the document do not limit the time limit for decoration, but only the time for obtaining property rights. Therefore, if the applicant can provide the corresponding application materials as required, Nanning center is allowed to extract

comparison: different from Nanning center, the extraction conditions of the district directly administered center are subject to the decoration time limit, and can only be extracted after the decoration of self occupied houses after June 1, 2015

the maximum amount of withdrawal is 150000 yuan

in terms of the amount of withdrawal, the notice stipulates that if the housing construction area is not more than 700 yuan/square meter, and the decoration cost is more than 700 yuan/square meter, it is calculated as 700 yuan/square meter. The total amount withdrawn by the owner of the same house can be withdrawn up to 150000 yuan

the area of the house property decorated by Mr. Huang is more than 120 square meters, and the decoration cost a total of 120000 yuan. How much should he apply for withdrawal? Is it possible to withdraw no more than 150000 yuan

interpretation: Mr. Huang's understanding is wrong. Although he does not exceed the maximum limit of 150000 yuan, it exceeds the decoration standard of 700 yuan/square meter, so he can apply for the maximum limit of 84000 yuan& ldquo; The ceiling is mainly limited to the decoration area& rdquo; Fan Wenqing said that according to the current situation, the national policy also encourages citizens to improve housing, but under the limit of 150000 yuan, as long as the building area of their own housing does not exceed 214 square meters, they can be withdrawn according to the maximum limit of 700 yuan/square meter, which is enough to ensure the needs of the vast majority of working families

comparison: in terms of the withdrawal amount of district centers, there is no limit on the maximum withdrawal amount of a suite, only the maximum withdrawal amount is not more than 700 yuan/square meter

couples apply for one time at the same time

each family can apply for one time to withdraw the provident fund for the decoration of self occupied housing

Mr. Wang and his wife both pay the provident fund in Nanning center, but their account balance is not large, and the balance of a single person cannot reach the withdrawal limit. Can both of them withdraw? Ms. Hu extracted the provident fund for decoration before marriage. Can her spouse apply for extraction after marriage

interpretation: it is OK for both husband and wife to apply at the same time, but it is only limited to the same suite, and two people cannot withdraw one after the other. If one of the husband and wife has already withdrawn, it is regarded as a family behavior. Therefore, Ms. Hu's spouse can no longer apply for withdrawal

the outstanding provident fund loan cannot be withdrawn

in the conditions of application for withdrawal, the applicant and his spouse can apply for withdrawal only if they have no provident fund loan balance in Nanning center

Mr. Tang bought a commercial house with provident fund loan in 2010, and the agreed repayment period is 10 years. Now, there is still some money that has not been repaid. Will this affect his application for drawing provident fund for decoration

interpretation: it is influential. Mr. Tang cannot apply for withdrawal at the same time before paying off the provident fund loan. For employees who have applied for provident fund loans, it means that other employees have supported you with idle money. If you withdraw the provident fund for decoration, the obligations of the employee are too few from the perspective of responsibility and obligation. Therefore, in line with the principles of fairness and balance, the withdrawal of employees who have not yet paid off the loan is temporarily restricted

cannot withdraw

the withdrawal of provident fund for decorated housing is only limited to the depositor and spouse, the co owner of property rights and spouse. If the decoration withdrawal balance of the depositor is insufficient, it cannot apply for withdrawing the housing provident fund of parents and children to make up the difference

Ms. Zhong has decorated a 150 square meter house, the co owner of which is her brother. She, her sister-in-law and parents have all paid in the provident fund. Can they all apply for withdrawal? Can you apply for 700 yuan/square meter respectively

interpretation: Decoration belongs to a higher-level consumption behavior. Previously, the housing and Urban Rural Development Department said that the provident fund of parents, women and mother-in-law can be used, which specifically refers to affordable housing consumption. Ms. Zhong and her sister-in-law can apply for withdrawal, and their parents' names are not on the property right certificate, so they cannot apply. In addition, although Ms. Zhong and her sister-in-law can apply, the total amount of their applications cannot exceed 700 yuan/square meter, and they cannot apply for 700 yuan/square meter respectively




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