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In Feng Shui, we all know that decoration Feng Shui plays an important role. Let's take a look at the Feng Shui problem about decoration

Feng Shui problems about decoration

Feng Shui problems that must be seen in decoration

first, determine the room of family members

calculate the color and direction of family members according to the birth time of the owner, the couple and their families, and determine the most suitable location for everyone at home

secondly, determine the auspicious materials that are beneficial to the owner

environmental protection materials are of course the first choice for decoration. But on this basis, we have to choose according to the five element properties of the material and the five element preferences of the host. Those who like Earth in their life, preferably stone (earthy), those who like wood in their life, preferably wood (woody), and those who like gold in their life, of course, should be equipped with metal door and window appliances, which are more suitable for (golden)...

Third, determine the auspicious color that is conducive to the master's fortune

determine the main color according to the date of birth of the host, including the wall, floor, etc; In the small room where family members are individually located, they can choose auspicious colors in combination with their personal fatalism preferences. For example, for people in Ximu, their rooms can be mainly green, which plays a role in helping transportation

fourth, choose the decoration start date

when some people choose the day, they like to look through the experience book to find the auspicious day. It should be pointed out here that the "auspicious day" in the almanac is for all people. Therefore, the auspicious day of the zodiac is auspicious for some people, but it may not be good for some people. The standard of good or bad luck should be considered in combination with the date of birth of an individual

fifth, for unreasonable Feng Shui layout, we should design the adjustment plan before decoration, and strive to solve the problem in one construction

in the design of some house types, there is a layout that is not conducive to the fate of the owner, such as the bathroom presses down on the direction of Geely, the bathroom door is directly opposite to the master bedroom door, and other similar problems, which need to use the screen or adjust the direction of the door, etc. These are best designed before installation and repair, so as not to wait until there are problems, and then rush to redecorate, repeat construction, which costs money, materials and time, It also destroys the overall beauty of the house decoration

seven Feng Shui problems that must be known in the decoration of new houses

there are 5 pages in total. Page 1 12345 next page 1. Houses with the door directly facing the elevator entrance are easy to get in and out, but such houses are easy to lose money or suffer from disasters, especially those with the elevator entrance on the right side of the door. Such houses need to be blocked by a porch before they can be resolved

2. In some landscape houses, the dining table will be placed on the balcony of the home. Although the scenery looks good, it is necessary to know that home is not a hotel, so it is easy to lose money, which is unfavorable for Feng Shui

3. The door in the home should be square and angular. Some people like to make an arched door, which is not good, because sometimes the doorpost will be like two candles, which looks very bad, and it is easy to lose money or have disasters

4. If there are too many mirrors in the home, it is easy to lose money, which will consume the wealth of the home. However, it should be noted that although there are few mirrors in some homes, smooth glass will also form mirrors, so it is better to change them into frosted or carved ones

5. If the house you live in is a European style house, these houses have more large bay windows in order to increase indoor space, lighting and wind. If the balcony faces this kind of jagged building, you must use Bay mirrors or copper turtles to dissolve it, otherwise it is easy to lose money

6. For the master bedroom, the windows should not be hedged. If the bedroom has windows on both sides, it should be at right angles rather than hedged. Feng Shui believes that this pattern of double window hedges is easy to lead to the host's virtual and sickly body, the husband and wife are not easy to get pregnant, and damage wealth. If there are windows on three or four sides, it is more taboo. So I need to block a window

7. The choice of dining table is also very important. Generally, it is better to choose rectangular or circular ones, and there is no need for grotesque ones. If the prismatic dining table will lead to the leakage of money, those wavy and watery dining tables are not very good, while the triangular dining table will lead to family discord and poor health

four precautions for Feng Shui in home decoration

first, think more about redecorating

many friends got the key to their new house and couldn't wait to live in it. So they hurried to find a decoration company or decoration team. After jingle 25, they bought furniture and enjoyed their new house. But after a while, they found that it was inappropriate here and inconvenient there. It was awkward for them to live there, not to mention flourishing luck. God bless them if they didn't bring disaster. After all, the new house has to live for a long time, and the spiritual and material resources of myself and my family have also been poured into it. If it cannot be properly decorated, it will certainly greatly affect the family's luck. I believe that many friends will quarrel with each other because of the decoration problem, right

there are five pages in total. The first page is 12345. The next page, so when you get your new house, don't rush to decorate it hastily. You must think more, observe more and compare more, plan well, unify the opinions of your family, and then start the decoration. Of course, it is better to have professional Feng Shui teachers and designers to participate. This is the most important suggestion. Please pay attention to it, because once the house is decorated, it will be repaired and repaired again, and the troubles and losses will be very painful

second, pay attention to pattern setting

nowadays, many buildings, especially new houses, are blank houses, which gives us more space for self setting. However, this is not so simple. The setting of each functional room is the key first. Where to make the master bedroom, where to make the children's room, and the arrangement of study and living room are very important. It is best to distribute these according to the fate of the family, which is called "each gets his own place". If the family is in their prosperous position as far as possible, it is certainly conducive to the improvement of the overall family fortune

in addition, when arranging the pattern, we must pay attention to avoid irregular shapes in the room and strive to be square. For some oblique angles, columns, beams, etc., we should try to avoid them in the decoration design. Wrapping, blocking, or making furniture is a better way. Unless the room is too small, we should also consider leaving room as much as possible, and do not arrange it too crowded and complex

third, we should pay special attention to infrastructure

generally speaking, water, electricity, gas and heating in the north are all very important infrastructure in the home. Modern decoration is generally hidden in the wall or floor, so we should pay great attention to this problem. On the one hand, these relationships to the daily life of everyone in the family seem simple, but in fact they are extremely important. For example, the sewer in the home is not only blocked, but also brings bad smell. Moreover, it is not waterproof, and there are running, emitting, dripping and leaking, which are even more annoying and irritable. Don't forget that these invisible places will also affect luck. On the other hand, if these infrastructures are not handled well, they will inevitably bring inconvenience to future life. I am afraid that a lot of necessary money will be spent for this

therefore, when decorating, we must choose high-quality materials, skilled workers and correct design. Furniture and household appliances can be replaced if they are not good. Once these facilities have problems, I'm afraid the whole family will have to toss and turn again, which will not only bring great trouble in life, but also unnecessary consumption of time, energy and money, and even potential safety hazards, so don't take this lightly

fourth, leave more room and space

there are five pages in total. The first page is 12345. On the next page, I looked at many homes and found that many friends did the decoration according to the idea of "one step in place", but in fact it was not "in place". They often filled up the space, walls and rooms they could occupy, followed by years of renovation. Therefore, it is recommended to improve the infrastructure and leave more room for the initial decoration. When some friends decorate, they don't let go of even the smallest corner, but also have to arrange a shelf, flowerpot or something. If the home is too full, it will give people a sense of oppression and bondage. For a long time, it will make the family linger outside and unwilling to return home. I hope friends will pay attention to this

leave more space and walls. With the extension of living time, arrange them according to actual needs, and improve them stage by stage, which will not leave hidden dangers, but also often have a sense of freshness. A friend once wanted to build a luxurious and fashionable TV wall when decorating. I advised him not to fix it for the time being, but to build an active and removable one, so that it can be renewed often and will not be out of date. As a result, he stubbornly chose the expensive stone wall. As a result, he couldn't stand it in less than two years. Come and ask me what kind of good to change. As a result, I told him that he felt very good after listening to it this time. It can be seen that "leaving room" is a very important principle of decoration

home decoration involves many problems, but it is not much. It is much easier to master several major principles and simplify complex problems. The reason why decoration will make many people feel annoyed and headache is that the expectation is too high and the cost is very high. Therefore, it is desirable to decorate a palace or a five-star hotel. Yes, it is very expensive to buy a house, But it must not be taken as "home" for this reason. Friends must remember that home is home, quiet, peaceful, stable and down-to-earth. Only in this way can families rest, entertain, study and live

there are 5 pages in total, page 1 12345 next page

buying a house is a matter of great caution, because the quality of the geomantic omen of buying a house has a direct and decisive impact on the future home fortune, which will also be related to our own health and wealth; So in Feng Shui, what are the Feng Shui taboos of buying a house? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

Feng Shui taboos for buying a house

What are the Feng Shui taboos for buying a house

first, don't buy a house with the door facing the long street, road and alley

Feng Shui basis: the Road and long street are rushing as arrows, mainly hurting the population

Second, don't buy a house with tall buildings not far from the door

Feng Shui basis: block Yang, Yin wins Yang

third, don't buy houses near temples, urns, cemeteries, monasteries and ancient tombs

geomantic omen basis: Yin Qi is too high

IV. don't buy a "U" shaped house

Feng Shui basis: the U-shaped house is like a dead word, which is in danger of fatal cases

v. two rows of East-West buildings are horizontally connected, and the connection point is not in the same straight line. Don't buy a house with some wrong units

Feng Shui basis: there is a suspicion of fire

VI. don't buy a "mouth" shaped house

Feng Shui basis: people can't get fat and expensive in a well

VII. Don't buy a "t" shaped house.

geomantic basis: you can't hide wind and gather Qi, and the Lord is poor

don't buy houses in the shape of "I"

Feng Shui basis: such houses are difficult to get rich and poor

IX. don't buy a house in front of which the open space is as narrow as a line.

Feng Shui basis: like a line, wealth doesn't get started

X. don't buy a narrow living room

Feng Shui basis: the living room is narrow




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