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The renovation of second-hand houses, including water pipes and wires, is easy to ignore. What are there? What are the skills of transformation? The decoration experience of many owners has helped you sum up

first, "concealed works" disassemble and start again

at present, a large part of the quality problems in home decoration are caused by the improper construction of "concealed works". What is "concealed works"? In the process of construction process sequence, the parts that will be covered up by the next process and cannot be inspected after the work of the previous process are called "concealed works". Therefore, in the decoration of second-hand houses, special attention should be paid to "concealed works". For example, whether the pipes, lines and equipment of water supply, air conditioning, ventilation and other facilities in the ceiling have been tested for tightness, electrical insulation and resistance, whether the connection is firm, whether the joint method meets the requirements, and whether the flammable materials have been treated for fire prevention and flame retardation are all within the scope of "concealed works", which cannot be checked after the first installation. Insiders suggested that when the old house is decorated, it is a good opportunity to reopen these parts to eliminate hidden dangers. The owner must strictly inspect and remove the "hidden works" left in the past

second and third "face" transformation is essential.

during decoration, the transformation of the wall, ground and ceiling of second-hand houses is the most easily ignored. Experts suggest that it is best to invite professionals to conduct a field survey of the house to see whether there are obvious cracks, flatness, falling off and sand. If these conditions exist, repair treatment should be carried out, including removing oil stains on the wall and powdered wall paint, and repairing the base, cracks and holes with cement mortar. In addition, after repair, a layer of primer should be brushed to cover it, which can make the base firm and prevent the base from changing due to alkali efflorescence and moisture in the future, and then the emulsion paint diluted in proportion should be used for finishing. During construction, pay attention to the cleanness of the air on site, do a good job in dust protection, and ensure that there are no sundries on the tools

III. aging water pipes must be replaced.

the original water pipelines of second-hand houses often have many unreasonable layouts. During decoration, the original water pipelines must be thoroughly inspected to see whether they are rusted and aging. If the original pipeline uses galvanized pipes that have been eliminated, all of them must be replaced with copper pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes or PP-R pipes during construction. For example, before decorating the bathroom, the floor drain should be blocked first, and the test should be carried out with water about 5 cm deep. If it leaks, the waterproof work must be redone; At the same time, it should be noted that no dead corner can be left after construction

IV. the circuit must be transformed.

the phenomenon of simple circuit distribution, aging wires, illegal wiring and so on is common in second-hand houses, which can no longer meet the power demand of modern families, so it must be completely transformed and rewired during decoration. If it is found that the original line uses aluminum wires, all of them must be replaced with copper wires with a section of 2.5 mm2. For the lines installing high-power electrical appliances such as air conditioners, a line with a 4 square millimeter cross-section should be set separately, and PVC insulated wire protection tubes must be used when embedding wires

v. carefully consider the renewal of doors and windows

aging of doors and windows is also a prominent problem in second-hand houses, but if the material is solid and you also like its style, generally speaking, it can be refreshed as long as you repaint it, but if there are the following problems, it must be removed and redone. The main problem depends on whether the wooden doors and windows are skinned and deformed. If so, it means that the characteristics of the wood itself have changed and must be replaced. In addition, the paint film on the surface of steel doors and windows falls off, and the main body is rusted or cracked. In addition to being unsafe, it is also difficult to restore to its original state. In order not to affect the use effect, experts suggest that it should also be removed and redone

VI. second hand houses should be thoroughly disinfected

before decorating second-hand houses, water storage and leak detection experiments should be carried out for 24 to 48 hours in toilets and kitchens to check how the original waterproof works are done. If there is no leakage, it proves that the waterproof treatment is done well; In case of water leakage, waterproof treatment must be carried out again. After finishing the waterproof treatment, wait until the ground is completely dry, and then lay tiles for overall decoration. Moreover, when changing from squatting to sitting in the toilet, we must do a good job in the waterproof treatment of the water outlet of the toilet. When designing and decorating the top of the toilet, we should pay attention to convenient disassembly and assembly, which is conducive to future inspection and maintenance

VII. Pay attention to three points when removing and repaying old tiles

1. When smashing wall tiles and floor tiles, avoid debris blocking the sewer

2. Deal with the waterproof, and try to use fewer elbows in the waterway to avoid blocked or blocked water

3. Try to use less wood plates. Most wood products contain formaldehyde, which affects health





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