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(high quality home decoration - Carty doors and windows) we should all know about sliding doors, because sliding doors are generally used now. Because it is relatively safer. Of course, we know that there are many kinds of sliding doors, and each has its own differences. How about the sound proof sliding door. Now let's introduce which sliding door has good sound insulation? How to make sliding door sound insulation

which sliding door has good sound insulation

1. It depends on the weight. The formula of sound insulation is directly related to the density of materials, so the sound insulation of high density is relatively good, and the molded door is relatively light, which is the root cause of poor sound insulation of molded door. But note: adding sound insulation cotton in the middle of the flat hollow door will be more sound insulation than the actual sliding door

2. Check the thickness of the sliding door surface. The thicker the surface plate, the better the sound insulation effect. Generally, the surface plate of sliding door should be 8mm thick. The thickness and flatness of the surface layer are also better, but the cost will increase. However, the surface of the iron plate fire door is 3mm thick, and the sound insulation effect is also good

3. Check the flatness of sliding door. The more flat the sliding door is, the better the combination with the door sleeve is, regardless of the structure. As long as the deformation of the sliding door, the sound insulation is definitely not good, and there is air leakage

4. Others. There is also a slightly more professional one. The quality of the expansion glue between the door pocket and the wall will also seriously affect the sound insulation if it is not good

what we have introduced above is about which sliding door has good sound insulation? How to do sliding door sound insulation related issues, for these issues we all should have some understanding. We know that there are many kinds of sliding doors, and sound proof sliding doors are one of them. If we need sound insulation, we might as well choose a suitable sound proof sliding door

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