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BICES 2019 is ready to show the new achievements and new atmosphere of the construction machinery industry in a panoramic way

"in the next 100 days, the eyes of the global industry will focus on Beijing, China and BICES 2019, marking that the new international event representing the highest quality of the industry will be dedicated to the vast number of users at home and abroad, enthusiastic audiences, people in the capital and all sectors of society as scheduled." On May 29, the theme activity of "BICES 2019 (the 15th China (Beijing) International, building materials machinery and mining machinery exhibition and Exchange Conference) 100 day countdown conference and exhibitors' preparatory meeting" was held in Beijing. More than 150 people including representatives of CO exhibitors, industry media and service providers attended the conference

the conference reported that the exhibition themed "smart connect the world, green paint the future" will be held in the new hall of China International Exhibition Center from September 4 to September 7. At present, all work has been basically completed. As of May 24, 2019, this exhibition has exceeded the previous one in terms of exhibition area and number of exhibitors. Backbone enterprises of the industry have actively participated in the exhibition. Most of the top 50 global construction machinery enterprises have participated in the exhibition, and all professional service enterprises, high-end parts and key supporting enterprises of the industry have participated in the exhibition. During this period, the exhibitors will focus on the new products, new technologies and new processes of high-tech hydraulic universal materials aerospace environment reliability experiment and testing center, which can not only conduct experiments but also produce vibration test bench material testing machine installation precautions, high-quality, digital, intelligent, green, energy-saving, light-weight, complete sets and humanized services, presenting a new pattern of the development of the construction machinery industry

it is reported that, as the focus of this exhibition, the exhibition area of construction machinery achievements celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China will be divided into four exhibition areas: industry changes, the rise of heavy equipment, brand strength and BICES' 30th anniversary review, which will focus on showing the "China story" of the construction machinery industry, which is characterized by hard work, innovation and breakthrough. At the same time, the 70th anniversary of new China will also be presented through a variety of supporting activities, such as holding relevant forums, industry series selection, enterprise theme activity days and other forms and programs

in addition, the plans of "thousands of high-altitude disintegrators' User Conference" and "10000 buyers' exhibition" have been implemented, which will build a docking platform for Chinese and foreign construction enterprises, companies and manufacturers in global, marketing and post market, technological innovation, cultural experience and other fields

it is understood that in recent years, through structural optimization, intelligent transformation and innovative development, the R & D, manufacturing and profitability of construction machinery enterprises have been greatly improved. The strength of providing users with high-end technology and high-quality products to avoid accidentally bumping other people around during experiments and thoughtful service has been further enhanced. The pace of high-quality development of the whole industry has been significantly accelerated. Qijun, President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, introduced that the sound overall environment of China's economy, as well as the policy dividends and radiation impact of fiscal and tax policies on manufacturing, construction and related industries, will provide strong support for the stable development of the construction machinery industry in 2019 and even in the next few years. All kinds of key infrastructure construction and people's livelihood guarantee work need the participation and cooperation of construction machinery manufacturers all over the world, which is also the guarantee for the sustainable growth of China's construction machinery market in the future. It is estimated that the whole industry will still have a considerable growth rate in 2019, which will be higher than the national GDP growth and will remain at about 10%

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