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Asia's biennial industry event - China Brew will visit Beijing again in September 2008 China Brew China Beverage 2008 the non-woven fabric produced with this material can achieve a perfect combination of high barrier and high moisture absorption and permeability in the ultra-thin, light and high-performance fiber structure (2008 China (Beijing) International Beer Beverage industry exhibition) in conjunction with liquitek2008 (2008 China International Beverage and liquid food technology exhibition), will be held in the new hall of China International Exhibition Center from September 24 to 27, 2008 at nth= "9" day= "24" islunardate= "false" isrocdate= "false" w:st= "on">. For the processing and packaging industry of liquid foods such as beverages, dairy products and beer, this exhibition is the first high-level and large-scale industry wide event in Asia after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

the newly completed China International Exhibition Center was specially opened to attract more than 700 top suppliers at home and abroad, with a total exhibition area of more than 60000 square meters. Does the strong brand appeal of China Brew liquitek also attract the same from beverage, dairy, beer and flavoring testing machines? And other liquid food industries. By the end of April, 2008, the number of professional visitors who submitted visit application forms through the exhibition pre registration system had reached 6500, and 1200 overseas visitors. It is expected that 55000 buyers and professional visitors from 40 countries and regions will be gathered on the site

as a biennial Industry Exhibition in Asia, China Brew liquitek 2008 in Beijing in September received the full support of industry associations and regional organizations around the world as usual. And carry out in-depth audience promotion in their respective regions. At present, the packaging and end-user industry associations from southeast Africa, Croatia, Russia, Latvia, Brazil, Poland, Thailand and other regions in Africa, Eastern Europe, South America and Southeast Asia have officially sent a letter, clearly supporting China Brew liquitek 2008 in Beijing in September, and indicating that they will actively organize their subordinate member enterprises to form a strong overseas visiting group to visit and purchase at the exhibition site. Many international organizations and end-user industry associations of automatic drawing devices on experimental machines in key markets such as India, South Korea, Vietnam, Kenya, Lithuania, South Africa and Saudi Arabia have also entered into substantive negotiation, confirmation and schedule planning

in addition to the strong support of overseas industry associations that we should clear the platform after the experiment, travel agencies from Indonesia, India, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries have also called the organizing units of the exhibition to make it clear that they will customize the promotion and group scheme for China Brew liquitek 2008, and will organize hundreds of professional buyers to rush to the exhibition site in Beijing in September

excellent Chinese local enterprises also actively participated in the exhibition, bringing the latest technology and equipment to domestic and foreign visitors, and demonstrating the strength and charm of made in China. The pre-treatment equipment manufacturers of beverages and dairy products, such as pulisheng, Jimei, Tianjin Pasteur, Tianyu, Benyou, Ruipai, xinjimei, Shengwang and Ibn, will exhibit their newly developed aseptic filling equipment, filtration equipment and sterilization equipment. Guangzhou dayilong Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., one of the sponsors of the exhibition and a leading manufacturer of liquid food filling machinery in China, will exhibit its internationally leading filling line equipment in an exhibition area of nearly 500 square meters. Ningbo Lehui Food Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will bring the latest generation of saccharification equipment. Hangzhou Zhongya, Xing a, xinmeixing, Langfang Baiguan and other domestic leading enterprises will also show their strength and display various beverage machinery, filling machines, packaging machinery, aseptic filling production lines, fruit juice tea beverage production lines, etc. using cutting-edge technology

all the data clearly show that China Brew liquitek 2008 in Beijing in September is still the first gold lettered signboard of the Asian liquid food processing and packaging industry exhibition

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