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Bices/ivex 2011 notice on exhibitors' accommodation arrangements

bices/ivex 2011 notice on exhibitors' accommodation arrangements

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Guide: after more than a year of preparation and with the strong support of all walks of life, bices/ivex 2011 will be grandly opened in Beijing Jiuhua International Convention and Exhibition Center on October 18, 2011. In order to facilitate the work and life of exhibitors' staff in Beijing during the exhibition, the exhibition organizers made a field trip around the exhibition hall and convenient transportation

after more than a year of preparatory work, bices/ivex 2011 will be grandly opened at Beijing Jiuhua International Convention and Exhibition Center on October 18, 2011 with the strong support of all walks of life. In order to facilitate the work and life of exhibitors' staff in Beijing during the exhibition, the organizer of the exhibition made a field visit to the surrounding areas of the exhibition hall and relevant Hotels with convenient transportation, and developed three kinds of accommodation schemes for exhibitors to meet the diversified accommodation requirements of exhibitors. Now we will inform you about the accommodation issues as follows:

scheme I, the accommodation arrangement of the conference mode

is to maximize the convenience of exhibitors, and the organizer provides one-stop services for exhibitors, including accommodation, catering, transportation and exhibition. The hotel is located in the prosperous area between the East 2nd Ring Road and the East 3rd Ring Road in Beijing. The transportation is convenient. Conference invoices can be issued. At the same time, exhibitors can take shuttle buses from the hotel to the exhibition venue. Exhibitors who need to arrange accommodation and transportation in a unified way, please fill in the conference accommodation receipt carefully and fax it back to the exhibition organizer

1 the friction torque of the bearing surface is reduced to 40%. Accommodation and check-in place: the guest house of the Engineering Design Institute of the general equipment department, No. 12, Zuojiazhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing (quasi three-star)

2, accommodation time: October 16-21, 2011. (6 days)

3, accommodation and transportation expenses: 1560 yuan per person. This fee includes six days' hotel accommodation, hotel breakfast and dinner, and the unified shuttle bus from the hotel to the exhibition hall

4, contact person: caorui:, fax::

e-mail: caorui8818@


due to the size of the hotel, this scheme mainly receives small and medium-sized exhibitors, and can receive up to 400 exhibitors. Exhibitors who need it should also launch one item, which is accused of being the strictest "in history; Control output rdquo; Policy mdash; mdash; ldquo; 276 working days reduction production system rdquo; (hereinafter referred to as "276 working days system") mdash; mdash; This is equivalent to a 84% discount on the overall coal production capacity that was supposed to be produced in 330 working days. Registration contacts: Cao Rui and chenxiaojing of the exhibition office of CAMCE Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd

conference accommodation receipt

1. After faxing this receipt and obtaining the confirmation of the contact person of the host unit, the registration and accommodation personnel need to wire transfer the accommodation expenses required during the exhibition to the following account as required:

otherwise, the bed will not be reserved

2, please contact Mr. caorui if there is any unit that needs to be notified of the meeting

scheme 2: agreement Hotel

in order to reduce the cost of exhibitors and visitors and facilitate the travel during the exhibition, the organizer visited some hotels near the Olympic Park and the Asian Games Village business circle and reached an agreement with these hotels to provide preferential accommodation agreement prices for the participants in the exhibition. The organizer will configure free shuttle buses in each agreement hotel to maximize the convenience of exhibitors and visitors. The departure time of the shuttle bus is 7:30 a.m. and the return time is 17:45 p.m; Under normal circumstances, the one-way travel time is about 35 minutes (the whole journey is high-speed, excluding the hotel transfer time)

exhibitors and visitors with such needs should contact each agreement hotel by themselves. Exhibitors and visitors should explain to the contact person when booking that they can enjoy the negotiation price only after participating in the "China (Beijing) international engineering machinery, building materials machinery and mining machinery exhibition and technology exchange meeting" or "BICES Exhibition". This kind of agreement hotel has a reception capacity of about 1500 people. Exhibitors and visitors in need should book as soon as possible. For the specific contact information and price of each agreement Hotel, please visit the official exhibition station to view the list of agreement hotels

the list of hotels under this agreement will be continuously updated. Please pay attention

scheme III, recommended hotels

the hotels recommended in this scheme are mainly economical. There is no agreement between the organizer and the hotel, which is only for the participants' reservation reference

exhibitors and visitors can book rooms directly from the hotel. For details of recommended hotels, please visit the official exhibition station to check the list of some reference hotels near the exhibition hall and shuttle bus point. The information listed in the list is for reference only. Please consult each store for details

all the recommended hotels are located around the shuttle bus station of this exhibition or it is very easy to transfer to the shuttle bus through the subway. The organizer has set up free shuttle buses at Tiantongyuan North Station of Metro Line 5, Shaoyaoju station of Metro Line 10 and line 13, and free one-way shuttle buses to the exhibition hall at Beijing south station, Beijing west station and capital airport. The shuttle bus departure interval is about 5 minutes during rush hours

exhibitors and visitors staying at the recommended hotel need to go to the nearest shuttle bus station by themselves to take a free shuttle bus. Please log in to the official station of the exhibition for the specific location of each shift

this hotel list will be continuously updated. Please pay attention

key recommendations: Beijing Jiuhua villa (Beijing Jiuhua International Convention and Exhibition Center)

Beijing Jiuhua villa is a five-star super large garden resort hotel, covering an area of more than 2000 mu. It integrates accommodation, catering, entertainment, hot springs, health care, meetings, medical treatment, physical examination, shopping, etc., so the jaw should be cleaned frequently. Bices/ivex 2011 exhibition venue Beijing Jiuhua International Convention and Exhibition Center is located in Jiuhua villa. It is adjacent to the Capital International Airport in the East, Wenyu River Ecological Corridor in the south, and adjacent to Jingcheng, Jingchang, Liuhuan, Litang and other expressways and urban expressways. Public transport, including light rail, bus, taxi and airport bus, extends in all directions and is convenient and smooth. Its convenient transportation, sufficient parking spaces and gradually improved supporting facilities will provide a strong guarantee for the successful holding of various large-scale exhibitions

Jiuhua villa has more than 2300 rooms of different styles and nearly 5000 beds; There are more than 10 restaurants with different flavors and 6000 seats. Jiuhua villa has perfect conference facilities and more than 100 conference rooms of different specifications, which can meet the needs of large-scale meetings from dozens of people to thousands of people

during the exhibition, there will be a large number of visitors in and around the venue. Exhibitors and visitors who need to book Jiuhua villa should contact us as soon as possible

Jiuhua villa contact: kongqingyang,:, fax:

email: kongqingyang0570@

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