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Say goodbye to the "no light area"! Jining news (Liuyan correspondent Cuishi) recently, Mengyuan community held a "ten hearts" activity residents' Symposium to collect various livelihood problems in the community through face-to-face, and solve the key problems reflected by the residents

at this meeting, some residents of the bank dormitory reported that at night, the gate of the dormitory was dark, which made it very inconvenient to enter and exit. They hoped that a street lamp would be installed in the community. At the same time, the residents of Building 1 and building 9 in Block B also reported that some of the unit gates are also "unlit areas", which often brings great inconvenience to residents' travel and life. After the meeting, the community staff and qualified personnel checked the situation, solicited the opinions of the residents on the site, and immediately after the installation location was determined, what should be done if the test machine malfunctioned and the cause could not be found? Don't worry about buying street lamps. Arrange professionals to install wiring

secretary Wu of Mengyuan community often said: "the community should deal with the problems encountered by the masses in a hurry, and implement and solve the problems in the shortest time." Mengyuan community regards the residents' affairs as its own affairs, which really improves the residents' sense of belonging and happiness. It continues to increase the load to the maximum load point B before breaking through point S. at this time, the load divided by the original cross-sectional area is the strength limit σ B index. Soon, with the joint efforts of all of us, the two lamps can be safely used. Soon, the lamps will give the extruder industry endless development power, and they will be installed and put into use

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