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Guizhou: big data development and innovation will realize the fission from 1 to n

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"if in the past, Guizhou's big data development and innovation achieved a breakthrough from 0 to 1, in the future, Guizhou's big data development and innovation will certainly realize the fission from 1 to n."

On May 26, Chen Yiqin, Secretary of the CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress, said in his speech at the opening ceremony of the 2021 China international big data industry expo

in recent years, Guizhou has taken the construction of the national big data comprehensive experimental area as the starting point, unswervingly promoted the big data strategic action, and took the lead in the big data breakthrough war

Guizhou has taken the initiative to seize the opportunity of the digital industry. The growth rate of Guizhou's digital economy has ranked first in China for six consecutive years. The electronic information industry led by big data has rapidly developed into a 100 billion level industry. Manbang has become the only Internet super Unicorn enterprise in Southwest China. Local enterprises such as Baishan cloud and yijingjie have grown. New business forms and models such as platform economy have flourished. Cloud service has become a loud brand for Guizhou to develop its digital industry

actively seize the opportunity of digital applications. Guizhou has developed and implemented China's first indicator system for deep integration of big data and the real economy, and has deeply implemented the transformation of thousands of enterprises and the integration of thousands of enterprises. There are more than 20000 cloud enterprises, 170000 industrial cloud users in Guizhou, and more than 40000 enterprises in "one yard Guizhou" and smart commerce platforms. Especially after the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, Guizhou has launched the use of health codes early in the country, taking the lead in connecting with the country, Effectively support the precise prevention and control of the epidemic and the resumption of work and production

actively seize the opportunity of digital governance. Guizhou ranks first in China in the number of local regulations on big data. The first district extensometer or strain gauge shows the elongation of standard tensile samples. The international standard of block chain has been approved. It has built China's first provincial government data "one cloud one platform", and the comprehensive index of provincial government e-service capability ranks first in China

actively seize the opportunity of digital infrastructure, accelerate the construction of data center demonstration base in southern China, and 23 key data centers such as Huawei and Tencent. Guizhou has become one of the regions with the largest number of super large data centers in the world. Guiyang guiyang'an international interconnection data dedicated channel has been built, and Guiyang is becoming the core hub of the national optical information expressway

in Guizhou, the big data industry has grown from scratch and the development of digital economy has become a beautiful business card for the world to understand Guizhou. Big data is not only a technology, an industry, but also a kind of thinking and an era. Its significance to Guizhou lies not only in the industry itself, but also in its profound changes in the mode of production, lifestyle and thinking. With the strong power of big data, Guizhou has a full burst of passion for innovation and an upsurge of entrepreneurship

"Guizhou is confident to be a pioneer in the Digital Blue Ocean and strive to be a trendsetter in the big data era." Chen Yiqin said

Guizhou has taken the lead in these years, laid a solid foundation, and bred the infinite possibility of continuously seizing new opportunities in the future

Chen Yiqin said that Guizhou will seize new opportunities in five aspects: digital industry, industrial digitalization, digital governance, new digital infrastructure and data value

Guizhou will dig deep into the diamond mine of big data, give full play to the advantages of data center agglomeration, accelerate the creation of upstream and downstream industrial clusters of 100 billion level data centers, vigorously develop new products of intelligence, intelligent appliances and artificial intelligence, accelerate the creation of 100 billion level intelligent terminal Industrial Clusters, actively cultivate a number of excellent enterprises based on the development and utilization of data resources, and accelerate the creation of 100 billion level characteristic data integration industrial clusters

Guizhou will focus on new industrialization, agricultural modernization and tourism industrialization, which is also in line with the plan of Zibo Municipal Government for the innovation demonstration zone. It will deeply implement the integration of ten thousand enterprises, speed up industrial intelligent transformation, urban intelligent transformation, agricultural big data application, continuously improve the full load operation, improve the digital level of tourism, vigorously promote the vigorous and healthy development of platform economy, and strive to build network freight, Kunpeng industry, digital government Ten characteristic digital integration ecosystems with national competitiveness, such as digital financial technology, Beidou application and industrial interconnection, will be cultivated to cultivate more Unicorn enterprises and gazelle enterprises

Guizhou will continue to do a good job in "one cloud one platform", comprehensively form a public digital resource system, focus on macro decision-making, market supervision, rural revitalization, ecological protection, urban management, etc., and strive to create a number of national leading big data typical demonstration applications, so that people can more analyze the iron content in lubricating oil, and become smarter, more convenient and happier when the friction surface continuously supplies lubricating oil

in building the national hub node of the national integrated big data center, Guizhou will build a cloud service base for the whole country, a computing power base for Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and the Yangtze River Delta, focus on building a new computing power network, accelerate the construction of 5g and blockchain, vigorously promote the construction of innovative infrastructure represented by fast, and strive to build a more perfect modern information infrastructure system

Guizhou will take the lead in data rights confirmation, data pricing, asset evaluation and other systems, consolidate regulations and technical firewalls, ensure digital security, protect personal privacy, and create a safe and controllable digital ecology

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