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2014 Huawei China Partner Conference big data round table forum was successfully held

in the era of big data, change is everywhere. Big data not only changes the present, but also changes the future. At the big data round table forum of the Huawei China partner conference, Huawei and its partners talked about the future of big data

ctiforum news on April 1 (Liwenjie): a few days ago, the big data round table forum big data change future was successfully held during the 2014 China as a Chinese partner conference. The Forum gathered seven influential opinion leaders in the field of big data: Wanning, general manager of business value magazine, zhouaoying, Changjiang Scholar and distinguished professor of East China Normal University, huxiaoming, executive vice president of China Information Association, liuhuaisong, President of Taiji Computer Co., Ltd, Lvbo, President of Donghua Software Co., Ltd., zhouliangjun, President of Huawei enterprise business planning and consulting department, and Yuanyuan, vice president of Huawei storage product line. The participants had a heated discussion on the three topics of strategy, development and win-win in the era of big data, which brought a big data thought feast to the 3000 partners present at the meeting, and also offered suggestions for enterprises to achieve overtaking in corners in the era of big data. Huawei also shared advanced technologies and experiences with many participants to jointly meet the future of big data

Picture Description: seven opinion leaders jointly discuss big data changing the future (from left to right: Wanning, liuhuaisong, Lvbo, huxiaoming, zhouaoying, zhouliangjun, Yuan Yuan)

big data changes the future - the strategy

it development today has presented a new and distinctive value. What is the impact of social information environment? Has the era of big data come? On this issue, Zhou Aoying expressed her own view: data has always been there. Now big data is actually big data on the Internet. With the popularization and development of social informatization, more and more data need to be processed. In the era of big data, there will be bronzing materials: bronzing materials, laser film, electrochemical aluminum bronzing paper, bronzing film, bronzing film, bronzing foil, bronzing foil, color foil; Yes

since the era of big data has come, with the continuous improvement of China's social information environment, can big data really help China's IT enterprises to overtake in corners? The presidents of the two partners also expressed their views. Liuhuaisong said that big data itself is a very obvious trend of the industrial chain. Under the trend of the industrial chain, how to seize opportunities and promote transformation and upgrading, the most important thing is how to reposition our own value. There are unlimited business opportunities for big data. There is the possibility of overtaking on curves, but how to choose the posture of overtaking on curves and choose our own positioning is the most important. LV Bo, on the other hand, cited a big data application case in Wanda Plaza, where the rent of shops was set according to the passenger flow statistics, and the commercial consumption forms were analyzed to improve the business capacity, vividly explaining the importance and opportunities of big data

when the host asked what Huawei's big data strategy was, zhouliangjun said that big data is a very good concept. From Huawei's perspective, the core is to achieve a good basic platform and provide an advanced platform for big data for business analysis enterprises. The first thing to do well in the platform is to solve the problem of data storage. Yuan Yuan further interpreted it from the perspective of storage. Huawei is a leading big data solution platform, providing a complete set of solutions from import, analysis to storage. By building an integrated platform, we can solve the platform analysis of big data, and reduce the difficulty of realizing big data application through innovative technologies

big data changes the future - development

in the era of big data, some people will question whether big data is limited to narrow applications, and what does it mean for enterprises? From the perspective of application examples, what are the development status, prospects or opportunities of big data in China

Zhou Aoying believes that the large amount of big data is on the one hand, and the more important thing is the correlation between data besides the hydraulic drive of the hydraulic tension machine. For enterprises, the first category is the data producer, the second category is the data processor, and the third category is the data user. Big data means technology, system, platform and service. Of course, it means opportunities for overtaking in new corners. Huxiaoming said that with the size of China's economy, there are great opportunities for the development of big data, and it is easier to generate good benefits. With the growth of China's economy, the effect of big data will become more and more prominent

big data changes the future -- win win


Huawei's talk with its partners about the future of big data this time is not only a feast of ideas, but also a forum for sharing experiences. In the era of big data, with the gradual deepening of the application of big data in various fields, sharing and exchange are indispensable. Huawei not only provides a stage, but also plays an active role in this stage, Huawei and its partners will realize each other's dreams in the process of changing the future

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