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Big country brands, sharing the future -- the big recruitment of sankeshu in 2020 is in progress

big country brands, sharing the future - the safety of plastic and other parts used in the hot kitchen appliances of sankeshu in 2020 is attracting more and more attention

February 10, 2020

market awareness, understanding of transformation and management of employees should keep up with the requirements of the times

2019 has increased by 1000 times, requiring the three trees to irrigate their harvest with sweat and move forward with determination, realizing a substantial increase in sales, profits and market value. The three trees have the original intention of serving the country with industry and the responsibility of a big country brand, It is gradually moving from a national coating brand enterprise to a world-class coating enterprise

2020, three trees will start a new journey at the age of 18, fight for new goals, and create a new world coating grid. One is the linear temperature rise and fall speed (actually the average speed every 5 minutes). Elite talents are welcome to join hands with big brands to share the future

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