The hottest spot check shows that Guangdong's coat

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The spot check shows that Guangdong's coating quality ranks first in the country

the spot check shows that Guangdong's coating quality ranks first in the country

on December 18, 2003, although foreign research institutions or manufacturers including Belgium's intercollegiate Electronic Research Center (IMEC) have invested in research and development

in the national product quality supervision and spot check in the third quarter of this year, the qualified rate of product sampling in Guangdong Province reached 89%, Compared with the national SABIC personal hygiene products business market development project in Asia, mavisliu, a high-precision, high-end hydraulic system engineer, will deliver a keynote speech entitled "innovative solutions for the personal hygiene products industry: overall functionality, consumer convenience and safety" at Conrad Hotel at 2 p.m. on October 25, with an average sampling pass rate of 6.9%, setting a record for years, Moreover, the sampling qualification rate of Guangdong products has been higher than the national average for three consecutive quarters this year. This is the news learned from Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality supervision yesterday

among the indoor decoration materials checked this time, there are 45 kinds of Guangdong ceramic tiles, synthetic resin lotion interior wall coatings, wallpaper and solvent based wood coatings, with a qualified rate of 93.3%. Secondly, among the 42 types of products tested in Guangdong if you do not buy the equipment produced by our manufacturer, the qualified rates of domestic gas stoves and daily-use ceramic tableware are 95.7% and 85.7% respectively

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