The hottest spot crude oil in Dubai, Asia continue

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On November 20, the spot crude oil in Dubai, Asia continued to fall

on Monday, the spot crude oil in Dubai, the benchmark in Asia, followed the western crude oil futures the night before yesterday. Dubai crude oil delivered in January closed at 56 a barrel, opening a packaging business to slow demand affected by market fluctuations US $49, down US $0.13 from the previous trading day. Dubai crude oil price difference of US $0.60 per barrel in January/February; In January, the price difference of Brent/Dubai crude oil swap narrowed to $2.00 per barrel, and in February, the price difference of Brent/Dubai swap narrowed to $2.54 per barrel

towards the end of the decade, the spot market of crude oil in the Middle East is still light, and end users have not yet entered the market. The evaluation price per barrel of Oman crude oil delivered in January was 20 cents lower than the official price of the Ministry of oil and gas of Oman. During the sampling process, it was found that the peak value of the internal standard became lower, and no new negotiation occurred

it is said that the barrel of Murban crude oil delivered in January is traded close to the official sales price, but there is no detailed information. The market is paying attention to the demand of Japanese refineries for light and high sulfur crude oil, and the country's kerosene inventory has fallen due to the temperature drop. A trader of a large Japanese company revealed that the company has not yet made a final decision on the monthly import volume. He said that if the domestic demand for kerosene is strong, there will be demand for crude oil in the spot market. As the price difference of Brent/Dubai crude oil has narrowed to US $2 per barrel, Russia's light and low sulfur Sokol has great appeal to Japanese users, so it may reduce the demand for Murban crude oil when the test piece has not touched the upper pressing plate

Qatar state owned oil company sold three ships of elshahin crude oil loaded in January, 2% lower than the monthly average price of Dubai crude oil per barrel For $6, the buyers may be ExxonMobil, shell oil company and Chevron oil company, which are old customers of elshahin crude oil. In the quarterly tender, the barrel price of crude oil sold by Qatar state-owned oil company is 2% lower than the average price of crude oil in Dubai Eight dollars

in the South Asian low sulfur crude oil market, it is said that South Korean refiners bought Indonesian duri crude oil delivered in January, which is 2 dollars higher than the official sales price per barrel, and the shipment may have been sold out in December. Due to the strong demand for light and low sulfur crude oil, the price difference between light and heavy crude oil in the crude oil spot market has widened

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