The hottest spot crude oil in Dubai, Asia on Frida

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Spot crude oil in Dubai, Asia was stable on Friday

lacking guidance from western crude oil futures, and spot crude oil in Dubai, the benchmark in Asia, was stable on Friday. Dubai crude oil for January delivery closed at $57.34 a barrel, up 9 cents from the previous trading day. Dubai crude oil price difference of USD 0.62 per barrel in January/February; In January, the Brent/Dubai crude oil swap price difference per barrel stabilized at $2.10, and in February, the Brent/Dubai swap price difference per barrel was $2.57

the price difference between the profits of light oil products and heavy products has widened, and the fuel oil is profitable. However, as for the experimental machine that only needs to control one situation, the annual output value of more than 100 million has continued to be weak, and the demand for kerosene is expected to increase. Therefore, the Oman crude oil market with medium quality and high sulfur in the Middle East will continue to be weak, while the light and high sulfur crude oil market such as Murban may be boosted

refiners are still waiting to see. The original home appliance enterprises in Oman shipped in January are facing the test of safety standards. The oil price has been 28 cents lower than the official price of the Ministry of oil and gas in Oman, while the transaction price of Murban crude oil is more than 10 cents higher than the official sales price of the state-owned oil company in Abu Dhabi

in the Asia Pacific low sulfur crude oil market, the prices of Australian Cossack crude oil and northwest continental shelf condensate shipped in January are strong, because the benchmark crude oil price has been lowered and the naphtha price has increased recently. It is said that Cossack crude oil shipped in January was 50 cents lower than the quoted price of Tapis crude oil Asian oil price index per barrel, while condensate from the northwest continental shelf shipped in January was higher than its Asian oil price index per barrel Five dollars. However, the market is still waiting for Malaysia's state-owned oil and gas mining company to sell the sales quotation of Tapis crude oil shipped in January. It is said that the company's quotation per barrel is higher than the Asian oil price index Five dollars. This quotation is higher than the spot premium in recent months

the market for heavy and low sulfur crude oil in the Asia Pacific region is also strong. The shipment of duri crude oil in Indonesia in January was sold at $2 a barrel higher than the official sales price, while the shipment in December may have been exhausted. Sudan's state-owned oil company sold 1million barrels of Nile mixed crude oil, which was $2.70 lower than the official sales price of Minas crude oil, and significantly higher than that in recent months

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