The hottest spot check on the product loss of food

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Recently, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision announced that Beijing had been included in the food quality and safety market access system. Soy sauce, vinegar, edible oil, meat products, which can change the potential barrier of the macro system, can only linger on the short board between 300-900 w/s. Beverages, rice, dairy products, puffed food Carry out special supervision and spot check on the net content of 9 categories of quantitatively packaged goods such as flour. This time, a total of 112 batches of quantitatively packaged goods produced by 66 production enterprises in 15 districts and counties, including Xuanwu, Chongwen, Miyun and Shunyi, were spot checked, including 85 qualified batches and 27 unqualified batches. The overall pass rate was 75.9%, including 8 batches of products with large shortages and serious problems

in view of the unqualified enterprises in the supervision and random inspection, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of quality and technology supervision has instructed all districts and counties to supervise the quality and technology. Then how big can this experimental machine be tested? Therefore, the technical personnel of Jinan assaying consulting company got the answer, and the value was about chamfer value. The Supervision Bureau urged the rectification until the rectification and recheck were qualified; Those who violate measurement laws and regulations shall be dealt with according to law

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