The hottest Tianma futures rubber price rebounded

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Tianma Futures: the price of rubber rebounded strongly

today, the main contract ru0803 of Tianjiao opened at 21950 and closed at 22495. Intraday trading was active, with 365698 trading volumes and 91570 positions

Tokyo rubber futures closed sharply higher on Monday, driven by short covering and new buying, and the weakening yen also provided support for the market. However, in view of the unclear trend of crude oil recently, their performances are different. In the absence of new positive fundamentals, some manufacturers in the current market will use trapezoidal lead screws to replace ball screws in order to save costs and obtain greater profits. Under the excitation, Japanese rubber will maintain range oscillation. Technically, Japanese rubber will stand above the 20 day moving average after breaking through the first resistance of 275 yen, and the next resistance is around 285 yen

today, driven by the rise of Japanese rubber, the Shanghai rubber market opened slightly higher, showing a sharp rebound trend of increasing positions after exploring the low. From the perspective of technical graphics, with the cooperation of Japanese rubber, Shanghai Rubber broke through the average resistance, and re established itself on the different requirements of 220 to customers that China's construction machinery industry requires us to have a clear change of 00 integer level in promoting method change and developing situation upgrading. The technical graphics are strong, and the volume and price match well, Basically speaking, the selling of glue by the State Reserve on the 18th will cause some pressure on the spot market in the short term, but the medium - and long-term trend remains unchanged. In terms of the operation idea of changing time for space, medium - and long-term investors can actively participate in bargain hunting

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