The hottest Tianma futures Tianjiao rose and fell

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Tianma Futures: Tianjiao rose and fell

today, ru0803, the main contract of Tianjiao, opened at 23580 and closed at 233153 New record: create a new record, with active intraday trading, 165028 trading volume and 72514 positions

before the formal experiment can be carried out, Tokyo rubber futures closed slightly lower. Due to the high technical consolidation in the early stage, there is limited room for decline. Basically, crude oil and precious gold provide support according to the application status of universal testing machine and the application period of oil. The strong spot price in Asia also limits the room for decline

today, the Shanghai rubber market showed a trend of rising and falling. Under the pressure of the high-level correction in the domestic metal market, Shanghai rubber was restricted by the upper pressure zone, and the buying coordination was not enough, resulting in high-level settlement. Ru0803, the main contract of Shanghai Jiao, opened at 23580. The domestic metal market oscillated widely, and Shanghai Jiao lacked directional guidance. It waited for the changes of surrounding markets with a cautious wait-and-see trend. The short-term market was in the range of 23780 and the 5-day moving average. The further trend still depends on the performance of peripheral markets such as metals. In terms of operation, a small amount of intervention is needed in every adjustment

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