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Tianli company contracted the gypsum calcination EPC project of Jinsha Zhuowei environmental protection new materials Co., Ltd.

recently, Shandong Tianli Energy Co., Ltd. signed a 30 ton/hour construction gypsum powder calcination EPC contract with Jinsha Zhuowei environmental protection new materials Co., Ltd

recently, Shandong Tianli energy standard impact specimen has a square section perpendicular to the central axis. The company and Jinsha Zhuowei environmental protection new materials Co., Ltd. signed an EPC contract for calcining 30 tons/hour of building gypsum powder that can also meet the aesthetic needs of consumers for the appearance of products

(desulfurization) gypsum calcination complete set process adopts steam rotary calciner as the main engine. On the basis of absorbing the design and processing experience of traditional rotary calciner, it overcomes the defects in traditional design and makes adjustments according to the characteristics of desulfurization gypsum. At present, the system is widely used in gypsum calcination industry and operates well. Working principle: the desulfurized gypsum in the silo is fed to the indirect heat exchange rotary calciner through the screw feeder. After the desulfurized gypsum is indirectly exchanged with steam or hot flue gas in the indirect rotary calciner, it absorbs heat, removes a crystal water from the desulfurized gypsum, and forms mature gypsum powder. The feeding of the screw feeder is controlled by the discharge temperature. Then enter the cooling section through conveyor equipment such as screw conveyor and elevator. The tail gas discharged from the dryer is discharged after dedusting by the bag filter, and the collected gypsum powder enters the finished product system. The heat source used for calcination can be selected, and the heat source can be steam, natural gas, coal and heat transfer oil. Innovative process

a. the heating tube adopts the combination of smooth tube and finned tube, which can better prevent gypsum from sticking to the tube wall, and the spiral tube adopts fins with small pitch, which mainly increases the heat exchange area

b. the feeder adopts double screw conveyor, which can overcome the axle holding problem in the process of material conveying

7. There is no fixed mode in the structure of the fixture for the universal tensile testing machine, and the structure varies greatly according to different samples and the size of the experimental force; c. The outer wall of the cylinder at the feeding end adopts a hammer to remove the desulfurization gypsum stuck on the wall of the cylinder due to the appearance of thermoplastic

d. low operating temperature, simple operation, stable operation and strong adaptability to materials

e. small amount of moisture carrying and supporting auxiliary equipment, reducing equipment investment

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