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On the afternoon of December 26, Huawei officially held a new hardware release conference for glory V20 at Beijing University of technology. In fact, on December 10, glory released link Trubo full network aggregation technology, under screen camera technology based on full screen magic eye, and 48million AI ultra clear photography technology in Hong Kong, saying that it would trigger an industrial revolution in the three fields of communication, screen, and photography, At that time, it was this glorious V20

the glory V20 is the same as the 6.4-inch "magic eye full view screen" of Huawei nova4 released at Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center in Changsha on December 17. It uses the same hidden front camera technology to hide the image head under the LCD display by punching holes in the backlight, realizing the smallest screen opening in the industry at present. The opening diameter is only 4.5mm, and the screen proportion is higher

the fuselage adopts a streamlined fuselage, and the back V-type electronic universal testing machine uses the relevant introduction texture of the standard and the experimental process, providing the color matching of Meihai blue, Meili red and magic night darkness. In addition, glory also cooperated with Italian fashion brand MOSCHINO to launch the jointly designed version V20 of MOSCHINO. The MOSCHINO joint design version of V20 has two color versions of phantom blue and phantom red. It adopts a special double-layer diaphragm design, built-in classic double question marks and teddy bear exclusive wallpaper

in terms of configuration, glory V20 adopts Kirin 980 processor, built-in 4000 MAH battery, supports 4.5v5a super fast charging, and adopts the nine liquid cooling technology. In addition, glory V20 also adopts Waln three antenna design to bid farewell to the "grip of death". Glory V20 supports AI dual band GPS and adopts self-developed hi 1103 GPS chip, which makes the positioning more accurate. It supports link turbo full aggregation technology. It can connect Wi Fi and LTE networks at the same time to realize fast superposition. It can also use WiFi for one app and mobile data for another, which is faster and more stable

in terms of photography, the glory V20 has a 25million AI selfie camera in front, and a Sony 48million pixel imx586 sensor in the back, 1/2 inch. It supports the fourth generation dual channel ISP, dual brain NPU, 48million pixel ultra clear photography, and AIS handheld super night scene. The rear part also adds a TOF stereo depth lens, which supports 3D body shaping and 3D somatosensory games, and is equipped with a projection base to turn into a somatosensory game console

in terms of price, the price of glory V20 6 + 128GB version is 2999 yuan, and the price of 8 + 128GB version is 3499 yuan. Obviously, this cast aluminum alloy is filled with molten metal, which is a glorious high-end model

according to the information learned by Li Xing in the industry, this blind hole digging screen is one of the two comprehensive screen LTPS LCD categories that Shenzhen Tianma a will focus on this year

as the largest LTPS LCD shipment in the world, shentianma has developed two types of hole digging screen products for the intelligent industry this year: one is to dig through the entire lcd display module, and the through-hole hole digging full screen products with holes for backlight and LCD display; One is to only dig out the polarizer layer on the backlight and LCD display screen, leaving the double-layer glass structure of LCD in front of the front camera

from the perspective of intelligent industry applications, the difference between the two kinds of hole digging screens is that due to the packaging and sealing structure at the edge of the hole, a circle of black non display area will be added at the outer edge of the light taking hole of the camera, which will block more display pixels

for blind hole full screen products, since there is no need to destroy the double-layer glass structure of LCD, it only needs to remove various irrelevant functional layers of LCD in the light inlet part of the camera. Therefore, small loss of display pixels can be obtained, but on the camera used together, more ultra-thin modules are required

when Huawei released Nova 4, it said that in order to cooperate with the blind hole full screen design, it adopted a customized 3.05mm front camera, which claimed to be the smallest size; At the same time, in terms of structural assembly technology, patented stress buffer support technology is also adopted to ensure the firmness of the camera and the stability of the internal structure

in fact, the information learned by Li Xing's industry shows that in terms of production difficulty, the production difficulty of blind hole digging comprehensive screen in the two kinds of hole digging comprehensive screen is higher

specifically, for through-hole full-scale screen products, it is only necessary to remove all the physical structures of the LCD display module. The optical transmittance and refractive index of the materials in front of the camera are mainly handled by the glass cover factory

the blind hole full-scale screen products are different. Although the blind hole full-scale screen products do not need to damage the LCD body, the drop hammer impact tester is suitable for the determination of the external impact resistance of various pipes (PVC-U water supply pipe, sewage pipe, low-pressure water supply pipe, low-pressure water supply pipe, core foam pipe, double wall corrugated pipe, PE water supply pipe) and plates. The double-layer glass physical structure is less difficult to dig holes than the through-hole full-scale screen products. However, it is much more complicated than through-hole full screen products in dealing with the optical transmittance and refractive index of materials that need to be tested by electronic universal testing machine for static load in front of camera safety belt, foot buckle, lifting plate and bamboo ladder

because the blind hole full-scale screen product has three layers of glass in front of the camera, the first layer is the traditional glass cover plate, and the second layer is the body glass structure of the LCD display screen itself, so in addition to the glass cover plate factory to deal with the optical transmittance and refractive index of the camera part, it also needs the LCD panel factory or the display module factory, which has the ability of surface optical coating design and processing, and can pass the reasonable design, Eliminate the influence of each layer of glass material on the optical performance of the incoming light path of the front camera

just like this, it has been almost a year since the development of hole digging screen in the display industry. Only through the long-term cooperation and assistance of upstream and downstream supply chain, can smart brand manufacturers come up with a real hole digging comprehensive screen

judging from the current progress of the industry, shentianma, BOE, Youda and shenchao have all launched hole digging full screen products, but shentianma has the largest shipment and the most mature technology. According to Li Xing, whether Huawei Nova 4 or glory V20, the 6.4-inch blind hole full-scale screen products are the main supply of Shenzhen Tianma

in addition, Li Xing also learned from the industry that in order to match the blind hole full screen, this glory V20 also uses an ultra-thin 25million pixel front AI self timer camera, and its module suppliers are Oufei technology, Qiu Ti technology, sunny optical technology

the rear dual camera of glory V20 is equipped with a 48million pixel camera to participate in daily imaging. It uses a 1/2.0 inch Sony imx586 sensor, has an f1.8 aperture, supports hardware direct output 48m photos and pixel four in one technology, and is equivalent to 1.6 with the fourth generation self-developed ISP built into Kirin 980 μ M large pixels output high-quality photos. The information Li Xing learned from the supply chain shows that its camera module also comes from Oufei technology and sunny optical technology

in addition, the TOF stereo depth lens added in the rear is also the latest 3D optical detection application in the industry. According to the information learned by Li Xing, its module processing is also completed by Oufei technology and sunny optical technology

of course, as a high-end glory model, in order to cooperate with its link Trubo full network polymerization technology, V20 is equipped with a 3D curved glass rear cover. Visually, the back of V20 is very distinctive, and the two sides naturally change from black to blue, plus the smoke effect, which has a low-key sense of luxury. For the exclusive version, the designer added a double-layer fourth generation diaphragm, showing a "V" shaped light and shadow

in terms of glass cover plate supply, Li Xing's information shows that the front cover plate is still from lansys technology, which supplies Huawei Nova 4, and the rear cover plate is from Bourne optics

from the perspective of several major suppliers of glory V20, most of the core suppliers are domestic enterprises: the display screen comes from Shenzhen Tianma; The glass cover plate comes from lens technology and Bourne optics; The camera comes from Oufei technology, Qiu Ti technology and sunny optical technology; TOF optical detection comes from Oufei technology and sunny optical technology; The core CPU is self-developed by Hisilicon under Huawei

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