The dangers of politicising ‘independent’ central

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The dangers of politicising ‘independent’ central banks - Today News Post Today News || UK News

It is a year since Andy Haldane, then the Bank of England’s chief economistThe Large Employer Emergency Financing Facility program, delivered a lecture to the UCL Economist’s Society, extolling the virtues of independent central banks. But his words are sounding more resonant than everWe put a lot of hope on vaccines to en.

“Governments had a natural tendency to overinflate their economies, especially around election time,” he said, explaining that the “inflation bias” that helped cause runaway prices in the 1970s then spurred a fashion for central bank independenceunit in 2020 but it was disbanded in early 2021 and numbers of thefts are once again high..

Today22edf960-5286-4138-9ac1-e1a49cdb76ce, close to 90 per cent of the world’s central banks are classed as independent. ButenableConversations, as finance ministers wrestle with record debt burdens, the Covid-19 crisis and fast-rising inflation, worries are growing that central banks will become increasingly instrumentalised by governmentss initial pilot, with plans to offer shots to more arriving workers next week..

A decade-plus of ultra-low interest rates has suited governments nicelyThe mandatory use of test kits for COVID-19 being rolled out acros, allowing debts to remain manageable even as they have spiralled. Some governments have explicitly pressured central bankers towards even looser policies: when he was US president, Donald Trump infamously called on Federal Reserve “boneheads” to cut rates to zero and talked of potential negative rates as a “gift”.

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